Hooray For Cuddles

Cuddles are the best!

Well, that is, unless you’re Moo Cat.  Cuddles and tickles are only good because they lure your human in to thinking that you like him and therefore tempt him in to giving you food, which really is the best.

Cuddling has loads of health benefits.  It increases oxytocin levels, which reduces pain, lowers your heart rate and reduces blood pressure.  It lowers cortisol levels, which reduces stress and helps the immune system.  Cuddling also releases dopamine and serotonin which help fight depression.

All those chemicals in just one hug.

It’s so good that people are even making a business out of selling (just) cuddles in 58 different positions.  That makes me feel wholly inadequate, given that I can think of 3… Ah, wait… 9. Big spoon, little spoon and vanilla, standing up, sitting down and lying down.  Nine.  Yes.

Not only can cuddling make you (alright, me) inadequate, apparently it can also make you (yes, everyone) delusional.  A study by the University College of London has found that your brain tricks you into believing your partner’s skin is smoother than it really is, as a way to keep you interested in them.

I’d venture that there’s far more than the touch of your partner that would do that, and it turns out that the positive aspects of cuddling may have been with “us” for a long time.

In news reported over a decade late, apparently eleven years ago Mongolian customs agents prevented poachers from smuggling a stone block out of the country that was filled with fossilised dinosaur bones.  The block in question contained three young oviraptorids and was significant because all the dinosaurs appear to have been snuggling.

So hurray for cuddles! The best, for a long time.

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