Sharing News And Thoughts

Anyone who reads regularly will know that I’m attempting a calendar year of blogging – one post a day from 1st January to 31st December.

This has been causing me to read a lot of news to find stories that I think are interesting and that I have an opinion about.  However, I’m a small blog and a few weeks ago it struck me that I could be making up massive amounts of it, especially if I forgot to link to other reports or articles.

As I was thinking that, a few outlets ran articles based on some research that Donald Trump’s attacks on mainstream media as “fake news” have actually had the opposite effect, and are actually reinforcing mainstream outlets as primary sources of information, and trust in Trump’s favourite Twitter has decreased.

While the mainstream media are susceptible, or course, to having an alternative agenda, they do have a duty to provide at least an informed opinion with explanation.  That simply isn’t available with a keyboard warrior (or Donald Trump) armed with 140 characters.

I saw an article today that reminded me about the need to check and stay open minded about “news” or opinions.  It was an innocuous article about drying hair of all things, but I remember a conversation I had where I could remember thinking that someone was far too susceptible to inference from online news if it reinforced an opinion.

When questioned about an alternative line of thought, it was dismissed out of hand.

We live in an age where information is so easy to find, but actually establishing whether it is from a trusted source is difficult.  We’re able to all to easily find an opinion that suits what we want to see.  Someone will always provide an opinion and you can always find one that matches what you would like.

When I started my blogging journey version 4 or 5, or whatever this one is, my goal was 30 days of blogging after a friend had also done it.  She used to say that she didn’t like just posting with no point, and I also try not to.

So, while I don’t have enough readers to worry too much about it, if I forget to post a link or I give an opinion on something, know that I’m doing so having thought about it.  I try to post things that are interesting or amusing and things that I have an opinion in.  They may not always be right, but isn’t that the point of sharing thoughts?

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