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Hello!  If we were having a coffee this week, it wouldn’t be with the sugar free ginger biscuits I’ve just bought that were reduced for quick sale.  They’re awful.

I’ve been off work this week, and I’ve certainly been able to forget about it.  Work normally crops up at some point when I’m not there but it didn’t this time until today when I realised that I needed to wash some shirts!

On Monday, I started the Christmas shopping.  This was kinda because I had a friend coming to stay for whom I hadn’t yet bought a birthday present either, and partly because I know some people who I always find it hard to buy for, so I figured I’d get started early.  For me, this is very prepared.

It sounds a little conceited to say it, but I really do enjoy working out what to give people for Christmas and I like being able to give it to them.

Was dying for a coffee while I was there, but magpies had been in.  I f*cking hate birds.

I found some books to get for people.  The one about Land Rovers will be perfect for my farming relatives, while I wish I’d have had the one about psychopaths myself!

I’ve been feeling that my training has been starting to take its toll over the last few weeks.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s having good effects too, but I’ve been getting achey, even when doing simple things like sitting in the car.  So I booked in for a sports massage with Twinjuries.

I found them on Instagram of all places after someone I follow liked one of their posts.  I hadn’t been able to find anyone who could fit me in with less than a week’s notice, so off I went for an hour in a garden shed.

It was amazing!  She worked all the way from the backs of my knees to the back of my shoulders.  I know I have no experience or know what they look for, but she was able to pick out all my tight spots and I wouldn’t say it was the most relaxing hour of my life by any means, but I felt so much better for it afterwards.

I paid with a £20 note which someone had previously scribbled a message on.

I thought it was an interesting thing to write that message on, considering that the love of money is supposed to be the root of all evil.

The day after I woke up and ran my hands down the backs of my legs and they still hurt to touch!  I’d forgotten where I’d been until then!

I might also have been a little sore after football the night before.  For some reason there were a lot of people whinging about tackles and I always find it hard to play against the same people week after week anyway.  There are limits to how hard you should play when you’re going to be seeing the people the week after, especially when there’s nothing at stake.

Because there was more complaining about innocuous challenges than normal, I was super aware of the line we aren’t supposed to cross and pulled myself quite a way back from it.  The problem with doing that is that when I go in to tackles half hearted, I get hurt.  I’ve heard that said for rugby as well, that if you’re not 100% committed, you’re the one that gets injured.  So it rather annoyed me somewhat when several people were taking chunks out of me when, if I’d have been playing competitively, I would have been able to defend myself better.

I took a selfie for Halloween.

Wednesday I decided to go out for breakfast.  Nothing special, but nice just to chill with a paper and a brew for an hour.  That evening we went to the match and saw Liverpool beat Maribor 3-0 I think.  I can’t really remember what the score was now! My brother’s friend was supposed to be coming too, but his flight from Ireland was cancelled and I only knew that about 2 hours before kick off which didn’t give me time to find anyone else.

On Thursday night, you may have read that I went to see Jamiroquai.  I’ve never really been a massive fan and the show didn’t do much to convince me otherwise, but I did enjoy it.

Friday was fairly productive.  I had a broadband engineer round who fixed my line.  Sky told me that he wouldn’t need to by in my house, so it was a bit of a surprise when he quite obviously did.  My new iPhone and a winter’s worth of central heating oil arrived at the same time in the afternoon which gave me time to do fun things in the evening.

Something else I love as much as Christmas is Bonfire Night.  However, with all the rain last night we decided that standing outside didn’t look like too much fun so we went on a bit of a tour in the car.  It’s kinda fun because, although you’re not up close, park in the right place and you can watch several displays all at once.

It reminded me of years ago when I went to a display in Southport.  They had a big wheel which we went on and, as you got to the top of it, you could see for miles and it gave a different perspective.

Which leaves me with only one more thing… NEW POKÉMON!  I went on a proper hunt for a shiny Duskull.  I walked for miles and miles, caught loads of them but all of them perfectly matte.  Then I got home and caught a shiny one.  Raikou is the new Legendary and I’ve caught two but they’re proving to be a bit of a pain to catch for me and I still don’t have a good one.

And I think that’s about it.  I hope you’ve had a belting week and I’ll see you on the other side of five days back in the office.

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