The Daddy Coffee Share

It’s been a slightly strange week of feels and little coincidences this week.

To start with, I woke up on Tuesday morning with a sore arse.  To be more specific, I woke up with what felt like a pulled muscle towards the top of my left butt cheek.  I didn’t think much of it to be honest, but noticed that I was beginning to limp around a little bit when I tried to walk during the day.

On Tuesday I night I collected some coffee off of a friend who organises the football I play on a Wednesday.  Not many people had committed to playing so I (somewhat hopefully) asked whether there was a chance it might be cancelled this week.  He confirmed that it would be on, and away I went after his kids had shown me the Lego that they’d made.

I sent him a message on Wednesday asking if there were still enough players if I cried off.  Conversation happened and, much against my better judgement, I agreed to play.  Not knowing how the “injury” happened, I thought it would probably be OK and, indeed, it was no worse from my limping around a pitch for an hour.

This week I cursed the fact that Moo seems to like the only food the Tesco don’t have on a multi buy offer (the one without the yellow box on the price ticket):

For some reason I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about people I haven’t seen for a long time this week, and some of those I’m never likely to see again.  It’s a hard thing to explain, but sometimes it feels like they’re a lot closer than they really are, like I’ll pick my phone up and see my first message for 2 years, and it would be either perfectly normal or it would be addressing the reason we haven’t spoke, all depending on who it is that’s come to mind at that particular time.

This has been my first week back in work after a week off and I’ll admit that I’ve had next to nothing in the way of concentration span.  It’s less than 10 minutes in work before I get bored and want to do something else (which isn’t work).  That’s a record even for me.

I bought something off eBay that cost £28.99.  It had the option of standard delivery or one by Royal Mail:

That £300? That is not a “postage of products up to the value of £300”, that was “delivery costs 10 times more than the product, £300”.  I went for standard delivery.

That purchase was in preparation for something that I’m planning for the new year for this blog, but more on that towards the back end of December.

I scared myself a little bit the other day.  Because of who doesn’t read this blog, I can say this! Someone rang in to the radio the other day and started talking about how people walking round with empty prams and buggies annoys them.  The story went on that it was some sort of pulling technique to show that you were prepared!  My brain went off on one by itself and came to the conclusion that, at some point, I’d quite like to be a Dad.

Prior to that, I’d never really thought about.  I did once have a strange conversation with someone who asked me what I thought our baby would be like.  It’s one of those questions that you don’t expect to hear from someone who isn’t talking serious family planning with you and it took me aback a little.  The question had come in the context that she has short, wide feet whereas mine are long and narrow.  That was the first time I’d thought about kids “properly” (“properly” is the wrong word, but is the best I can think of) but even that didn’t have me making a conclusion either way.

Moo Cat is continuing to be a complete chatter box.  I don’t know what made him suddenly find his voice a few weeks ago but he’s started shouting for me when he’s not sure where I am, he chunners when I won’t get up to give him his breakfast and he asks me for tuna whenever I go in the kitchen.

I think that’s about it. Hopefully you enjoyed your week.  Speak to you next time.

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