The Late Night Cricket Coffee Share


I normally try to avoid coffee this late, but the cricket on in Australia means that I haven’t been too caffeine averse this week! So what would we be talking about if we were having a brew?

I guess that the biggest challenge this week has come from work.  So, two weeks ago on the Monday, we gave our offshore team 77 jobs to do.  We had braced them for it, and they assured us that it was possible to get it done in a week but, to put it in context, they would do somewhere between 100 and 120 jobs in an average month.

I’d been keeping an eye on it and I wasn’t too bothered until Thursday morning when they’d only done 15.  I gave them a call and was reassured it would be fine.  By the end of Thursday they’d added another 7 to the total at 22.

Friday morning they agreed to work the weekend to get it done.  I hate asking people to work out of hours, but this was a piece of work that shouldn’t have been as hard as it was being made.  Before we had to move the team offshore, we’d have been able to do it during the week.

Alas, I get in on Monday morning and the work has all been done.  Someone sends an e-mail thanking the team for the effort, and they pat themselves on the back too.  It was a good effort from where they were, but I’m concerned that they’re not going to realise they could have made things so much easier.

For example, there’s a team of 4 able to do the work; only one of them did it until Saturday when two more joined in.  They had a problem with some data, but only chose to ask about it on Wednesday and, in the mean time, didn’t start the work they could do.

The hardest part is setting aside my cynical side that I shouldn’t have to teach an outside company how to do the work.  When it was my team, I expected to do that, but not any more.  So I’m taking a breath so that I’m constructive.

That was the main thought for the week.  In other news, I found that it’s really hard for me to pee when Moo is in the bathroom playing with a spider in the bath.

For those who don’t follow me in Instagram (it’s on the bottom of this blog!), a while ago I remember seeing something about an artist taking pictures of footballers after they’d just come off the pitch.  I can’t find it now, but some of them looked genuinely tired and some of them looked like they’d just had the most relaxing time of their lives.

On Wednesday, I ended up playing four a side football in sideways rain and near freezing temperatures.  I got home and looked at myself in the mirror.

I think you’ll agree that that’s fine hair.  I felt as bad as I looked.

The night after that I went to the Christmas Markets in Manchester with some friends from work.  I think I drank too much hot chocolate and ate too many pancakes because I was gently drifting in to a food coma.  Two of the guys decided to stay out.  One of them apparently only got home at 3.45 after the taxi he was on dropped him in the middle of nowhere to be sick.  His wife wasn’t impressed so he ordered flowers as soon as he made it to the office, but apparently she’d been tracking his whereabouts on the GPS on his phone until its battery went flat.  And he still bought her flowers…

It was nice to see that the markets still sell the same old stuff as when I first went 5 years ago.

I saw this, and straight away thought of someone who would like it:

I also saw “Dried Figs” but went all Harry Potter and thought I read “Dried Frogs”.

Twenty years ago, I went to Malta with school on a football tour where we played against local schools.  One of our abiding memories of that trip was a drink called Kinnie.  It’s bitter orange and aromatic herbs, and I loved it.  It’s not easy to find though in the UK, but I found it on Amazon and bought a case.  I shared the picture on Facebook, tagging some friends with whom I went to Malta but hadn’t necessarily seen for ages.

We’ve now organised a get together!  We do it every now and again, but some of the people that are coming I haven’t seen for 18 years.  It should be fun.

I have new Pokémon to share!

I also saw a double rainbow right where I was heading…

For now, though, there’s another few hours until the cricket starts again.  Hope you’ve had a great week, and I’ll speak to you next Sunday.

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