Exploding Penises Aren’t Funny

I don’t know how I came across this article, but Veterinary Hub posted something in 2013 which I’ve only just seen.

I’m now actually worried about how I’ve found it.  Anyway…

It was a post about the reproduction of honey bees.  I’m just going to cut and paste it:

The mating/sex of bees is very interesting and shocking. First of all the “Queen Bee” is selected and worker bees feed the “Queen Bee” special jelly and the virgin “Queen Bee” which survives to adulthood without being killed by her rivals will take a mating flight with a dozen or so male drones (out of tens of thousands eligible bachelors in the colony).

And the drones which do mating with the queen bee are not considered lucky because during sex when the male bee reaches to its climax it’s testicles explodes and it dies. And the genitals remains inside the “Queen Bee”.

Apparently this makes “evolutionary sense” as the male’s now severed pecker acts as a “plug to prevent other drones from fertilizing the queen”.

Interesting maybe, but do you know what bothered me about the post.  It was posted under “Fun Fact”.

Fun Fact?! We’re talking about an exploding penis and you call that fun?!  I mean, whatever floats your boat, but…  really?!

Did you think that i would laugh
When you said i was small?
Did you think that that would pass
As if nothing at all?
You say a lot of funny things, my little bunny
And i almost always laugh
But that’s not really funny

You play the little bells and tell a good story
You bake delicious pie and that’s enough for me
But i am big i am your man
And you’re my little honey
And i like what you have to say
But that’s not really funny

You must not continue to emasculate me
The neighbor children through the window
Clearly see
The little boy will wipe his nose because it’s runny
Then point at me and laugh
But that’s not really funny

That’s Not Really Funny by Eels

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