The Not Quite Breaking Down Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week, I’d be using the £2.65 credit that my phone company sent me, even though £2.65 doesn’t buy a full coffee.

This week I’ve been off work.  It was kind of impromptu because I’d been saving my holiday time in case I was made redundant, because I’d rather have been paid for them than take them.  Seeing as I still don’t know whether I’m losing my job, I decided that I’d better take it.

Anyway, on Monday I went Christmas shopping and got nothing for anyone.  It was a successful trip.  I was tasked with looking for jewellery for my godmother’s birthday and, while I was looking, I found a ring that was very similar to one that a friend once sent me as the engagement ring she would want.

It’s actually not the one in the centre, but the one on the top left.  The one she wanted was all diamonds though.

It occurred to me while I was walking round HMV that I seem to be one of the few people that actually enjoy the Fifty Shades films, and I think I should be embarrassed by that.  I also decided that The Big Bang Theory is exponentially better when watched as a box set rather than as one episode per week.

I got a Christmas smoothie, and wasn’t great.

Some food isn’t designed to be blended in to a drink and a Christmas pudding is one of those things.

Why can’t I remember what I did this week?! I know it wasn’t overly exciting but it’s somehow escaping me.

On Tuesday night I played football.  I thought it would be cold so I went prepared.

Turns out that it wasn’t that cold, so I got very hot.

One of my friends was playing 3 weeks after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  He wasn’t sure how much he would be able to run around, but the answer was that it was about as much as me.  Hearing him talk about his symptoms and then feeling as I do makes me think I should go for a check up.  For a while I’ve been thinking that things like my lack of concentration, interest in some things and tiredness is normal for just being run down and it may well be, but I’m thinking it might be worth getting it checked out.

On Thursday I met a friend and we went to The Bagel Shop which we’d been looking forward to trying since it opened a few weeks ago.  We went round the football museum in Manchester which we’d been saying we’d do for ages, possibly with another friend and his kids.  I’m pleased we didn’t take the kids.  They’d have been terrified.

There was a gallery of club crests and how they’d changed.  Most were fairly basic changes – simplification, modernisation… Middlesbrough, though, actually changed the year on theirs.

Not sure why.

While I was out I saw a new Neil Young CD in an offer so thought I’d get it for one of the parents for Christmas.  As I got back on the train I remember that it was the Diamond rather than Young variety of Neil that they like.

The rest of the week hasn’t really been that interesting.  I say that like the rest of what I’ve written is!  The threat of heavier snow than we actually got meant that Saturday night was spent in with pizza and cookies.  I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t much more excited by the cookies than I was by the pizza.  Unfortunately cookies ran out much too quickly.

I don’t mind being out in snow, but I dislike driving in it.  It feels like unnecessary risk, in a way.  I know how to drive in the snow – high gears, avoid the brakes.  I kind of also know how to control skids too, but I’ve only ever done that when it’s been safe to be doing it in the first place and having other people on the road means that it isn’t.  I’d just rather avoid snow driving unless what is at the end of the journey is really worth it.

We started watching season 3 of Gotham.  It’s much darker than I remember!  Like Big Bang that I mentioned before, it’s also much better in a box set.

Having said all that about the car for Saturday just before, I got in it this morning to go out for breakfast and noticed that the radio wasn’t working.  I didn’t think it much of a problem, guessing that there was just a problem with the signal so put a CD on.  When I got out of the car, I couldn’t lock it with the remote.  Not too much of a problem again, but when I got back in it said that, not only did the key battery need changing but that there was also a failure in the gearbox but that I was still able to drive apparently.


I did what any vaguely IT person does and turned the car off and on again which fixed the failure.  Still not happy but I’m wondering if the key encoding manages more than I realise and it’s possibly just a fault there.

Anyway…  This week has seen loads of new Pokémon which has given me something fun to do while not doing fun things.

So I’m back to work tomorrow.  I’ve switched off from it this week but still don’t really want to see what I’ve got to go back to.  I have a feeling that it’s going to be a crap week of chasing stuff, not least my employment status.  I have the Christmas party to look forward to but there’s five days between now and then.

I see that some of you have opted for post notifications – thanks!

Hope you’ve had a great week and I’ll speak to you next Sunday.

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