The Feeling Full Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week, we’d have decided that it’s time to crack open the Christmas Blend.

The summary of this week has probably been a coast in to Christmas and a long week off, certainly at work.  The most pressing thing that I’ve been trying to get sorted is my future at work.

Regulars may remember that I was supposed to be being made redundant in March.  With an hour left to go, I agreed to stay until December 31st.  The news from this week is that they’ve said that they want to extend my stay again, but this time they don’t know until when.  They’re talking to me about a project that will run in to 2019.

However, the bit that I pointed out is that there’s currently no need to “extend” me because I still don’t have a legally binding termination agreement after HR lost it and may or may not have actually signed it last January.  I don’t think anyone has really noticed that they don’t actually need to ask me to stay but do actually still need to ask me to leave, so I’ve been trying to make sure that I’m actually going to get the right paperwork.

I probably need to point out that much of this weekend has hit Instagram which is at the bottom of this page in the footer, so I won’t duplicate the pictures.

I finished the work week with the work Christmas party which was good fun.  I kicked off Friday with a good solid breakfast of coffee, water and a mince pie.

We went in to Liverpool had a table booked at a place called Alma de Cuba.  Apparently it used to be a church but has been turned in to a really nice bar and restaurant.  Our table was booked for 9pm but it was after 10 when our starters arrived.  I then had a full turkey roast dinner and two desserts because someone had to leave at 11.

I’ll never turn down food.  However, I possibly should have done as some point over the weekend.

Having had a really late three courses on Friday, I didn’t fancy breakfast but went to my godmother’s 60th birthday on Saturday in Wales.  That was another three courses, but at what turned out to be 3pm, right in the middle of the afternoon.  That meant I didn’t fancy dinner and I was still feeling really full when I got up this morning.

When we were leaving the party I happened to notice that there was a full lasagne still in the buffet.  Not wanting it to go to waste I made a half joking comment about a doggy bag and got given enough lasagne to feed 3 people to take home.  I planned on having it for lunch but still wasn’t hungry.  Then at 4pm this afternoon I really wanted it but I’ve decided to try to get back on a proper eating schedule.  I’ll take some to work tomorrow and probably have it for dinner too.

And I must say, it’s been a ridiculously tiring weekend.  Back in the day I used to think it had been a great weekend if I went back to work on Monday more tired than when I left on Friday.  Nowadays it’s probably the opposite now I’ve got old!  With getting in early / late on Saturday morning, then driving for 4 or so hours over Saturday and

I’ve been trying to get ready for Christmas.  For some reason I decide it’s a good idea to have a clear out at Christmas, do a spring clean and everything else.  Other than the tree, I think I’m now pretty much ready.  So next week, I’m not sure what we’ll be talking about and when.  But, before I go… More new Pokémon!

I hope you’ve had a great week.  Speak to you on Christmas Eve!

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