Petty Hates : Some Christmas Ones

I love Christmas.  Like, a childishly love Christmas.  It’s only been the last few years where someone has needed to wake me up on Christmas morning rather than me being up at 6am or earlier.

However, there a few things that annoy me about it.

The first is gift tags, those little pieces of cardboard with string that you write a message on.  My problem with them is that they are little pieces of cardboard with string that you write a message on that you stick to another piece of paper and, when you can write on both, I just don’t see the point in a specific piece to write on.  Especially when they’re heavier grade than say, a plain white sticker.

It’s not like there’s even enough space to write a decent message either.  It’s not a Christmas card.  It’s a “To”, “From”, and maybe a “Love”.

There’s enough wastage at Christmas without unnecessary gift tags.

I realised when I was out the other night that something else I also hate is flashing lights.  I get festive lights.  I get them on trees or even on your house if that way inclined.  I get the decoration and that they look nice if done well.

The ones I don’t get, though, are flashing lights.  I’m not talking about the ones that gently twinkle, I’m talking about the ones that are fully lit up, fully switched off, fully lit up, fully switched off.  Flashing lights are warnings as far as I’m concerned, to attract attention.  They’re not pretty or decorative, but functional, and a functional Christmas light is against everything a Christmas light should be.

They’re not major irritations, but those are two things that annoy me about Christmas.  Fortunately they’re not big enough to ruin my favourite time of year.

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