The Hangover Cure That Makes Pee Smell

Being a non-drinker, this time of year provides me with much amusement as I hear of people’s drunken errors.

A few of us went out after work the other night, just because.  Due to reasons that will become apparent when we have a coffee on Christmas Eve, I wasn’t feeling up for staying out so left early.

At work, I sit nearly right between a married couple.  He came out with us, she didn’t.  Apparently he got home at around 12.30am and woke her up trying to use his work locker key to get in to his front door.  He jumped in to bed, she went downstairs and found a Chinese takeaway that he can’t remember buying covering their sofa.

This guy claims that he didn’t drink too much because he spent most of the night trying to stop someone else coming on to the bouncer’s girlfriend at the last bar they went to.

As always, there’s lots of articles about the best cure for hangovers.  Speaking to some of my friends earlier in the week, they’re still buying in to Hair Of The Dog.

However, the one I hadn’t heard before was asparagus.  Apparently the leaves and shoots of asparagus boost levels of key enzymes that break down alcohol after heavy drinking.

Unfortunately that reminded me of the time when someone at work, in the middle of the office, exclaimed that her husband couldn’t eat asparagus because it made his pee smell funny.  That’s the sort of anecdote that isn’t quite as amusing the post drinking ones.

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