The So Far Bobbins Christmas Coffee Share


If we were having a coffee this week, I don’t know whether I would be complaining or not.

Two years ago, I had the worst Christmas ever.  I wrote about it quite a lot on this blog.  My brother got dumped by his girlfriend just over a week before Christmas and I was in the process of losing one of my best friends.  It was ****ing terrible.  I’d got presents for both of them and I’d got proper knitted stockings to put them and I was really looking forward to being able to see them both over the holidays, and then it all happened and it was rubbish.  I still see the stockings every now and again when I go in the spare room looking for something else and I cling on to a feint hope that they still might be given to their intended recipients somehow, or some others that mean as much as they did.

Last year was OK if I remember rightly.  Not much happened.

And so to this year.  I’ve been really wanting to blog what has been going on this week for me at work.  On Wednesday, about 15 minutes before I was due to leave the office, HR sent me a message saying that they would speak to me on Thursday about an extension to my contract.  I probably shouldn’t write too much just in case, but sometimes when you think things can’t get any worse, they do.  Basically, some promises have been broken because someone hasn’t budgeted to sack me next year.  If I don’t go in to the office and find a solicitor between now and 29th December when I’m supposed to be off work, I stand to lose 6 months’ gross salary as well as my job.

Obviously that’s quite a big deal and I’ve been either absolutely fuming or sitting with my head in my hands in complete disbelief.  The thing is, there is no-one at work who actually expected me to be leaving in the next few days.  Or at least I don’t think there is.

Anyway… Moo Cat has been poorly this week.  He likes his food normally and he loves Dreamies.  He was barely eating anything on Thursday morning and wouldn’t chase after Dreamies let alone eat them.  I think he did everything he needed to do that day (without going in to too much detail!) and he’s now back to normal.  Last night he even stole bacon off a pizza!

I went to go see my cousin whose partner is in hospital after dislocating her knee to the extent that a few days after it happened they were thinking that amputation might be necessary.  He’s going to have to have his dog put down today and was arguing with his daughters about something else too.

With everything that’s been happening I haven’t managed to put the tree up yet.

The reason I said at the start of this post that I don’t know whether I would be complaining or not is that when I take my mind of things they’re generally OK.  I’ve been out a few nights this week seeing friends which I’ve enjoyed.  I’ve also been out and caught a load of new Pokémon.  (You might notice, if you care, that there’s a shiny Mawile in there!)

I actually had a dream the other night that I was out catching Pokémon with someone that I haven’t seen in ages.  I was talking to Moo about Christmas the other night and began to say that I wonder what that friend’s cat was getting for Christmas.

I was talking with my cousin about cricket the other day.  England are getting thumped by Australia in The Ashes at the moment.  Cricket is one of those games (especially test cricket) where you can look at and go, “well, if they can, so can we,” and vice versa.  You think that if someone can score a load of runs, so can someone else, and if one team can collapse, so can the other.

I think that’s the Christmas miracle I’m looking for this year with the things that feel like they’re going wrong at the moment.  That if things can be really rubbish, then they can also be really good.  And that would be great, because I love Christmas, me.

Until next week, when there might be something new…

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