Year In Preview 2018 : The Blog

2017 was a fun and difficult year of blogging for me.

One of the things that I maybe disliked about it was that it felt unstructured.  There were themes and categories to my posts but I would pick and choose which I one I wanted to use depending one which one I had inspiration for.

I’ve never really been a fan of structured blogs, where people post to a schedule.  I’ve tried it – Monday was going to be a news review, Friday a product / place review and Sunday is a Coffee Share.  Then I’d fill the gaps with whatever was there.  I figured that it would give me time off, so to speak, until I decided that I wanted to post every day for the year.

The thing I don’t like about post schedules is that I think they can be restrictive, depending on how you do them.  Just like I said that posting every day can be a grind, so can coming up with a post of a specific type.  Take product or place reviews for an example.  Sometimes you just don’t have anything to review! I don’t buy things just to review and some weeks are boring where I just go to work during the week and the pub / football during the weekend.

However, for 2018 I think I’m going to try working to the posting structure again, and see how it works out.  So Monday will be News because that allows me to read the papers over the weekend which I love to do anyway.  I introduced the Forced Metaphors, What I Learnt From… and Petty Hates categories in 2017, and I think I’d like to take those forward with Reviews on a Wednesday and Friday schedule.  I’m even debating a How To… section.

On Sunday I’m still going to do the Coffee Share, but they might look a little different to usual, at least some of the time!  I have an idea, but it’s going to be a challenge for me both technically and personally.  I’ll leave it there for now!

If something crops up in the meantime, I’ll still be able to post it somewhere.

What I hope that will do is allow me to take time away from the blog when I need to.  I love having readers and I love thinking that I’m talking to all of you fine people out there, but I don’t want it to be a chore and I want to be able to step back from it when I want to.

I hope that it will allow me to focus on quality too, rather than forcing something out there.  I think it will help 83 Unsung Heroes find a niche.

That’s going to be my 2018 blogging challenge.  Let’s get cracking (in a few days).

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