Year In Review 2017 : The Blog

When I did this post for 2016, I opened with the line that I thought I was a lifestyle blogger.

In 2017, I will have posted every day.  I think I would still class myself as a lifestyle blogger is pushed, but in having to work harder than I should at something that is essentially a hobby to achieve my calendar year of posts, I’ve diversified.

Becoming part of the “Weekend Coffee Share” has been a fun part of the blog for me, and hopefully for you as readers too.  I started blogging pre-university, nearly 15 years ago, and it was primarily a diary.  The Coffee Share formalises that and it’s nice for me to review my week, thinking of themes for what’s going on and what to do the week after.

During 2016, I used the WordPress Daily Prompt a lot.  This year, I haven’t so much.  I’ve tried to find inspiration on my own, and for that I’ve turned to the news.  I’ve tried to find fun stories or interesting stories that have a point either as a simple conversation starter or something for you, dear reader, to think about which means that I don’t always say what I actually think about the story but will try to be as controversial as me, one of the least controversial people ever, can be.

As a result of not using the prompts, my numbers are down on last year.  I will have published 371 posts in total, by the end of the year.  I’m probably going to get just over 12000 post views of just over 800 individual posts from just over 8500 visitors.

Around 5000 of those visitors have found my blog via Google.  Five hundred or so have come from the WordPress Reader – “Hello” fellow bloggers!  Then comes the “Android Quick Search Box”, whatever that it.  I’m always really interested in social media referrals because it means that people are actually talking about my posts and finding them probably useful but hopefully interesting too.  I’ve had around 100 combined referrals from Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

However, that said, my top posts this year annoy me! The vast majority are still my reviews of a sodding lawn mower and a sodding vacuum cleaner! I still hope that someday Ryobi and Dyson stop making these things!  I wrote those reviews as something different for me to do and it’s great that they’re being found and read, but I wish some of my favourite posts got as much attention!

I enjoyed writing a review of my trip to Croatia.  I think I need to go to more places because I enjoy writing travel posts, but I want them to be more than itineraries; I want them to be stories of how I understand a place rather than just what I did and recommend my readers do.  Whenever I’ve done these posts about holidays (all two of them!), it’s interesting to look at a place and see what it is beyond the bricks and mortar.  When I went to Iceland in 2016, it’s story was easy because I already knew what I wanted to get out of my trip.  Dubrovnik took me a lot longer to work out and I was worried I’d have nothing to write about!

In 2016, I called myself a lifestyle blogger because it was a catch all term for someone who blogs about anything and everything.  I’ve maintained that and probably forced it a little.  So… on to the next post for 2018 plans for the 83 Unsung Heroes!

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