Petty Hates : Wasting Overfilled Drinks In Drip Trays

I was sat at a table in a busy bar a while ago.  A group of men bought a round of drinks and came to sit on the end of the table that I was frequenting.

They stayed for a while and left, leaving virtually all the beer they’d bought.  They drank maybe a pint between the four of them.  I would call them lightweights but, well, I don’t drink at all so have no room to talk!

I’m going to assume that they weren’t particularly keen on what they’d bought or else were pressed for time and just had to go.  I could hear my grandmother saying that there are starving and thirsty children in the world but even she probably wouldn’t condone sending alcohol to the undernourished.

I’ve started to see another phenomenon, though, at it happens mainly a work possibly because it’s the only place that I see such machines in public.

This phenomenon is people pouring overfilled drinks in to the drip tray of the coffee machine.

This can be for a few reasons, I guess.  What I’ve seen is the person who wants to make space in their cupful of Brew Of Choice for milk, who will happily pour some unmilked beverage in to the drip tray to make the required headroom.  The other case I’ve seen is the person who simply doesn’t want to carry a cup that full in to the canteen.

The first problem I have with this is that they’re buying a drink to pour in to their mouths, presumably to alleviate thirst albeit the caffeine may also play a part.  Pouring it in to a drip tray seems a waste.

I also don’t like the fact that the drip tray is used.  I appreciate that a sink is not readily available in the canteen, but surely the clue is in the name that this void just above where the cup goes upon vending is a tray for drips, not a tray for half your tea.  Pouring your drink in to it means that the next person ends up getting the bottom of their cup or mug wet and, at some point, it’s going to get full and need emptying.

With wasting tea and coffee my grandmother may well be spinning in her grave too.

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