A Matter Of Taste

I worry myself sometimes.  I worry other people, too; not least my mother who things I’m unable to drive any further than work without a significant and exponential increase in the chance of my seriously injuring or killing myself.

My concerns about me come from a different place altogether though.

Currently in my Sky TV planner I have a variety of films.  The other night I tried to watch one of the Bourne films, all action and spies and fighting, and couldn’t concentrate on it.  The next night I watched Table 19 – a romantic comedy about a woman and her ex at a wedding where he was the best man – and I loved it.  I can’t bring myself to delete Rock Dog because I like it that much.

I’m a 34 year old bloke.  Rom-coms and animated films about animals making music shouldn’t be my thing.  Should they?

I did the test on Buzzfeed to see what my taste in movies should mean.  Apparently I’m a scene stealer.

Which is intriguing considering that I can’t remember any time at all when I’ve intentionally tried to take the limelight.

I then moved on to YouGov’s Profiling website and, because I didn’t pay for it, could only look at a few things so I profiled fans of Bourne Identity.  That put me as a 40-54 year old man from the North East who works for the Police or other emergency services.  My favourite musicians would include Fergie and Debbie Harry while Sid James will be one of my favourite celebrities.  I don’t fit any of those things, so that’s kind of comforting.

If I profiled one of my favourite films, Friends With Benefits, it’s still wrong as I’m not early 20s female from East Anglia who like Avril Lavigne and Dawn French.  I do have a soft spot for Bake Off, though.

When it comes to profiling, a lot of it is assumptions on the basis of taste, looking for majority rules.  In the realm of our artistic preferences (films, music, etc), we like what we like because it can fulfil an emotional need and help us shape our own personality.

When I said at the start of this post that I shouldn’t like what I do and I shouldn’t dislike what I do, it’s because (if I look at it on the basis of stereotypes), at best they would reflect me as being childlike and that people will make decisions about on the basis of that with could be less than favourable.

The problem with these assumptions is that our tastes in one particular thing or the other might not necessarily be the correct cues to understanding each other.  My taste in films might not actually say a great deal about me as a person.  I think I like the films I do because they don’t have the most complex plots and it means I don’t have to concentrate too hard to enjoy them while I’m doing something else.

And of course, difference in taste should not cause disagreement.  Difference should always be a way to learn more about other people and things.

So I recommend that you check out Table 19 and Rock Dog if you haven’t already.

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