In The News : Brain Stimulation

Scientists have suggested that retirement causes brain function to decline rapidly.

3400 civil servants took part in the 30 year study where they were tested on verbal memory and the ability to recall words, as well as tests on reasoning and verbal fluency.

The results, published online in the European Journal of Epidemiology, found verbal memory – which declines naturally with age – deteriorated 38 per cent faster once volunteers had retired.

It also didn’t matter the position that the worker retired from.  There was no difference in brain decline between those with mentally stimulating jobs than those in other jobs.

Of course, if your brain is working, chances are that you have a cold nose.

A team at University of Nottingham stressed out some students and then used thermal imaging cameras to establish that stress is accompanied by a cold nose because it’s a part of the body not particularly useful in that sort of situation.

If you’re a pensioner worried about your long term brain function, and especially if you’re female, consider having sex.

Researchers at McGill University in Canada conducted an experiment with 20 men and 20 women, each of whom was shown erotic film clips while their brains were linked to two scanners.

Now, they say “brains”…. MRI scanners were scanning the brain, while those thermal imaging cameras again were looking at genitals.  Insert witty comment about men thinking with their willies here.

While the difference between male and female brain stimulation was not massive, scientists noted a consistent disparity between the two which showed women had higher levels of brain stimulation than men when they were aroused.

When we discussed this at work, general consensus is that this is because the women were thinking about things like what they were going to have for dinner the next day and whether the laundry was finished.  One noted that she was unable to hear the washing machine from the bedroom but could from the kitchen, which may affect matters.

They might also have been wondering why their nose was so cold.

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