Being A Bloody Menace : Decisions

One of my favourite quotes from ex-Liverpool Manager Bill Shankly is:

If you can’t make decisions in life, you’re a bloody menace.

It was a quote that came to mind earlier this week when I wrote about how much potential there has to be for you to give something a chance.  I thought about it again today a number of times.

A guy at work sent me an e-mail asking for advice.  Someone had told him to do something that wasn’t strictly the correct way of doing it, but it made a great deal of sense.  It was a perfectly pragmatic solution that would make a process more efficient, but it wasn’t technically how it should be done even though it was more of a bend of rules that a break.

I couldn’t make a decision, and it wasn’t also really my decision to make so I sent it off to the process owners to decide.

The second time was talking about these “tools” that are supposedly available online that show you who has been viewing your social media posts.  This person apparently had an ex who they still follow viewing their posts, but they aren’t followed back.

I’ve seen a lot of them called “stalker” apps.  Most social media platforms have an API that allows third parties to use data from the network to their own ends.  It’s what I use for Twitter and Instagram below.  Every time I’ve seen a stalker app, I’ve also seen the line that viewer data is not available as part of the API.

The thing is, it might not be part of the API but I bet it’s part of the data held by the network, especially Facebook and its owned platforms.  It makes sense.  They want to be able to create a network to make money by introducing you to other people and if they can get a glimmer that you might know someone, they’ll use it.  I know that I’ve looked at someone’s Instagram profile and a few days later they’ve shown them as a suggested friend.

However… I also know that if I was making a stalker app one of the first things I’d do is search the network for only one way relationships and put those straight in.

They asked what I thought about the legitimacy of the app, and I couldn’t decide.  I certainly doubt if I would pay for it!

I honestly hate not being able to make a decision on something.  I don’t even really buy in to “sleeping on it”.  It doesn’t achieve anything or progress anything.  And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s possible that people can go looking for decisions to force something to happen when it didn’t always need to in which case not deciding achieves keeping the status quo which might be a good thing in the circumstances.

Sometimes, though, it’s just hard to make that decision.  You’ve got all the evidence, you’ve weighed it all up and it all looks pretty darned even.  It’s a coin toss decision left up to luck, and most decisions shouldn’t be made that way.

The second part of Shankly’s quote was, “You’d be better becoming an MP!”  I know I definitely don’t want to do that.

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