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If we were having a coffee this week, you might have noticed I’m reverting to type in more than one sense.

Basically, the conversion rates on the videos isn’t great so if there’s a group of you fine people who feel the urge to read, but not to watch, then it makes sense to type.

The second reason is that I’ve been busy today getting all sorts of things done after being on holiday this week.  I kinda liked doing the videos and I may well go back to them when I’ve had a think about what to do, but recording for 10 minutes is the easy part.  By the time I’ve done the uploading and the settings in YouTube and the cover photo and trimmed the beginning and end and stuff like that, it’s taken me a while and my idea was that it would only take 20 minutes or so. Anyway…

I went to St Anton in Austria for a week snowboarding.  For the first time we had a reasonable flight time out of the UK. While wandering round the airport it struck me how easy it would be to walk off without paying for duty free. I was also surprised that at no point no-one questioned the size of my carry on bag which was as big as some people’s checked luggage given it was holding two large snowboard boots.

We arrived at out chalet, had something to eat and went to the pub.  There was an old guy wearing a yellow t-shirt dad dancing around the place, meaning that he looked like he was walking with knees that were about to give way at any moment, but he only did it when music was playing.  The next night he was back in the pub, back dad dancing and back wearing his yellow t-shirt, but it was on back to front.

The first day’s snowboarding was hard work for me.  It takes me a good few days to find my feet on a board and I even spent part of the second day sat in a cafe on t’interweb trying to find pointers.  I should probably have had a lesson, but I feel that I already know what to do, I just need the confidence to be able to do it.  I can’t get my head around what I really want to say here, because until I have the confidence I’m just being told what I already know in a lesson and I want to get my money’s worth learning something new rather than going over old ground, even though I obviously can’t do that at that point in time.

That makes no sense, does it?

I punctuated my days with regular stops for food and hot chocolate.  For the most part I stuck to Austrian food of schnitzels, strudels and something called Germknödel which is a yeast dumpling filled with jam and covered in custard and a mix of sugar and poppy seed.  Rather than saying, “I”m going to do this run and this run and want to do 30 miles today,” I look for restaurants and agree to meet there at a certain time.

Our chalet food was a little disappointing this time.  One night I thought I’d been given the veggie option only to be told that they’d already dished out all the meat in the pie to everyone else and only had the vegetable part left.

Some nights we barely made it back to the chalet in time as St. Anton is know for its apres ski.  There are two places particularly famous.  One is Krazy Kanguruh, which we went to first time, and then we went to one called Moosevert.  They’re fun places and I found myself overly enjoying the weird euro-pop / dance stuff mixed with classics such as Sweet Caroline.  The problem was that you then had to get down the mountain in the dark with a load of people who have just been drinking as much as they can for the last three hours and want to jump on skis!

When I used to work away, we used to break our week in to parts.  We would have Travel Day, Work Day, Check-In Day, Home Day and Work-From-Home Day or Office Day.  If we were away for 5 days instead of four, one of the latter days would be replaced by another Work Day.  It made everything go faster.  Even when I’m on holiday, though, I found myself thinking about what day of the week it was and I still look forward to coming back and seeing friends and the cat and normality.  It’s like a 7 day snowboarding holiday is too long for me so I think next time I go I might be tempted to try some other activities while I’m there.

We tried to make the most of our last night in St. Anton but I was shattered by that point.  I stayed out till 00:30 and then bailed, unable to stand up properly let alone drink anymore or be sociable.  I also felt a cold coming on, but I spent the week largely injury free.  I slipped coming out the pub on the first night and took a chunk out my hand, and I fell on a red slope and winded myself once but it wasn’t too bad.  I also only took out one skier and I don’t think that was my fault either.

I’ve spent today back at sea level and, when at sea level, I like to go to the sea.  There’s something about going from 3000 feet above sea level to literally dipping my toe in the sea that rounds off my week nicely.

I hope that your week has been as fun as mine.  I’m back in the office tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll be craving some more time off very soon.  I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be able to hit the normal routine straight away again on the blog, but we’ll see.  I’m going to expand on some of the above in some other posts.  Until next week, then, I’ll leave you with one of the Apres Anthems…


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