The Coffee Share With Excuses

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week, I’d be telling you that it’s felt a little odd for me from a blogging perspective at least.

At the start of the year I was adamant that I wanted to break my posting everyday habit because I wasn’t sure that it was entirely healthy for me given that it was beginning to feel like a burden.  I came up with a new plan of how I’d like to structure the blog and I was happy with it until I went on holiday.

I arrived back off holiday with a cold.  Nothing major, but it’s just had me struggling to concentrate on things.

Alongside that, I discovered a few years ago that I seem to have a nervous cough.  Maybe that’s not completely the right phrase, but if I found that if I think about uncomfortable situations, I tend to cough.  I fell on a red run on the second last day of my holiday and winded myself a little.  I thought I’d elbowed myself in the ribs but the point at which it hurt is a little too high for my elbow to reach under normal circumstances!

Anyway, I thought no more of that until Monday morning, when I coughed and got a lot of pain through my ribs! I’ve not broken anything and (just like the cold I came back with) it’s not major.  It’ll be a bruised intercostal muscle or something, but it’s uncomfortable and kept me up for a few nights.

All that has meant that evenings this week I’ve really just wanted to chill.  I’ve been catching up with people and things I’ve missed over the week and when I wasn’t doing that I’ve largely been snoozing and napping.  Work has been busy and I haven’t been getting up early enough to write before work.  As a result, I haven’t been on my usual blogging schedule.  I have some inspiration lined up and plan to get back to it next week.

That nervous cough, for the more observant of you… I found something out just before I went on holiday.  I’m not sure I believe it and I don’t have a great deal of chance of adding extra weight or evidence to it to help me believe it which should mean that I forget about it, but I can’t.

Last Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, so I made pancakes.  A few years ago I forgot and bough a premix and it was awful.  Then I spent a couple of years making them with bananas and oats and peanut butter.  This time I made proper crepe type ones, but the recipe said it would make 12-14.

One Christmas I made gingerbread with a friend.  She declined a recipe and we ended up with enough gingerbread to make a real 6 bedroomed house with an extension, let alone a gingerbread one.  I debated adjusting the pancake recipe on a similar manner; I mean, I know what the batter should look like and the ingredients that go in it, so how hard could it be to make some without recipe?

Alas, I decided I would play it safe because, well, I like pancakes and 12 wouldn’t a bad thing.  I was glad I did follow the recipe though because I only managed 3 crepes rather than the 12 I expected.  Granted, they were rather large, but still…

When talking without filling up with snot becomes a thing I might come back to doing the videos, but part of not doing those means that sharing my Pokémon Go progress is easier!

That’s a shiny Luvdisc, a perfect Swampert, a Milotic (finally) and a decent Rayquaza (finally).

I really hope you guys have all had a great week.

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