In The News : Satisfying Relationships Save Lives

Last week it was reported that the geniuses at Florida State University found that people who spend less time looking at other attractive people are less likely to cheat on their partners.

In a new study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers followed 233 newlyweds for three and a half years, documenting intimate details about their relationships such as satisfaction, commitment, whether they had cheated, and if they were still together.

Apparently they tested something called “attentional disengagement” and “evaluation devaluation,” while showing subjects photos of a mixture of highly attractive and average-looking men and women.  I was interested why the report in Business Insider hyphenated “average-looking”, but that’s getting sidetracked.

Basically the two phrases mean your ability to turn your attention away from a stunner while convincing yourself that the abomination walking beside you is actually hotter than they are.  I paraphrase, of course.

They found that people who looked away faster were less likely to cheat.

The bit that wasn’t so obvious was that the researchers also found that those satisfied by their sexual relationship with their partner were more likely to cheat, possibly because they just want more of a good thing.

The researches think that their research will help couples stay together, which is good news for German people especially.

Research published by Brandenburg physician Harold Voß found between one and two people per million inhabitants of Germany die while pleasuring themselves.  Auto-erotic asphyxiation was cited as the most common form of death during masturbation, followed by electric shock. Supposedly most of the victims are men because women were “more cautious and don’t incorporate so many intricacies”.

Doing the maths, that means that there are roughly 100 hundred deaths in Germany every year as a result of auto-erotocism, and that means that Germany provides around a sixth of the worldwide deaths caused in such a manner, despite having one hundredth of the world’s population.

Other things that kill 100 people per year? Icicles in Russia and pen caps.

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