The Coffee Share Where Everything Was Just A Step Away

If we were having a coffee this week we’d have to go out for it because the stuff I have isn’t my favourite.  Going out for it isn’t a bad thing though!  I have already been out for one today, to a place called Ezra and Gil in Manchester and I’ll do a review of it next week.

Where to start summing up this week?  Obviously for most of this week the big UK news has been the weather.  Where I’ve been we’ve had barely any snow and yet people still didn’t turn up for work.  It’s been cold, I’ll give it that.  On Wednesday as I was leaving work I walked to the car and my face was numb by the time I got there.  Still went to go play football that night though.  Just made sure I was prepared.

Moo didn’t like the wind on whichever night it was.  He kept looking at me as if I would give him a good reason for the tiles rattling on the roof.  He wouldn’t settle and, when he eventually did, I woke him at 2am and again at 4 thinking that I’d had a full night’s sleep and that it was time to get up.  I think he recovered from that, but I didn’t really.

I feel like I’ve been thrown under a bus this week at work.  When someone gives you some work to do and you discuss it with them and you get the scope and you complete it, and then you report that you’ve successfully completed it and get told that the scope is much wider, that sucks.  If I could find something else I want to do I really should leave.  At the moment it’s finding that other thing that’s the problem.

I don’t know if it’s been the work week that has got me a little emotional (if that’s the right word) when I’ve been out the office.  It’s been a hard week to entirely get my head around.  When I was thinking about this post before it was going to be ridiculously long.  I’m now sitting here struggling.  I guess this week has felt, in any number of things, that they’re just one step away from everything being perfect, but it seems like an impossible step.  I know there’s all those cliches that should be “inspirational” in the circumstance, but that single first step is proving impossible to take.

Oh, that’s something.  I’ve been waking up with sore feet so I’ve been trying to vary the footwear I’ve been using.  I found a pair of brown boots I bought a while ago and put those on one day, remembering with considerable discomfort only when I got to work why I didn’t wear them that often.

Only one new Pokémon this week, and it was a hatch rather than a catch.  I can’t really decide what it’s supposed to be, although I have heard some suggestions.

I hope that your week was better than mine.


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