The Coffee Share Where Time Moves Slowly

Hello, if we were having a coffee this week, I’ve been enjoying the odd cortado again this week.

It is, though, a ridiculously late coffee this week.  One of my favourite programs on the tele is Hunted, where you’re on the run from a team of people trying to catch you, for four weeks.  There have been 3 series so far and after each one I’ve said I want to give it a go.  It finally feels right to do it for any number of reasons, so I’ve spent most of today recording an audition video.  I’ve finally got it done and went to upload to see that applications close on 22nd and not 12th, so I think I hold on to it for a little longer in case I change my mind on some bits.

I tried to prove how good I was at hiding:

As I said when I did a few of these blogs as videos, talking seems to be easier than it was when I had to do public speaking gigs at school.  Talking about one subject for less than 3 minutes requires a certain amount of precision and isn’t that easy.

Also not easy is recalling all those things that I wanted to talk about this week.  I specifically remember there being something on Monday, but I’ve forgotten it.  If I were guessing, it would possibly be as a follow up to last week where I said that I’d felt like I’d been thrown under a bus at work and e-mailed my boss to constructively criticise before I left for the week.  On Monday I got in to an e-mail telling me that he agreed.  Great.

I was stumped by Tuesday, mainly cause what I did on Tuesday evening I thought was happening on Wednesday.  I went to the borefest that was Liverpool v Porto.  For those interested, there are 33 drainage channels per roofing panel on top of the new main stand, and there are 43 flights of exterior stairs in Anfield Road End, Centenary Stand and Kop combined.  I needed to find a way of entertaining myself for the longest hour and half in a long time.

Wednesday happened and Thursday we had snow.  I kind of read that it was due but I didn’t expect it to take me 135 minutes to get in to work when it usually takes 25.  I got to the stage on the motorway where I didn’t want to be “that person” but no-one was using the outside lane and it didn’t look that bad.  Thankfully someone went first so I followed and we quickly caught up to another queue which somewhat made the lane we were in inconsequential.

It annoyed me that when the Beast From The East struck down South, it was all over the news.  I tried to find travel news that morning and found no reference to it on any news outlet.

I was also late in to work on Friday because I had to go pay a visit to the dentalist.  I had a 9.45 appointment, went in early, was only in for 10 minutes and still only got to work for 11.30.  It takes an absurd amount of time for some reason.

So not a very exciting week, but one in which time seems to have dragged or things have taken a long time.

Hope you’ve had a good week.

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