The Coffee Without Heating

Hello, if we were having a coffee this week, I’d be holding mine tightly in my frozen hands for warmth because I’ve run out of heating oil, again.  A group of us in the road order it together to get it cheaper but unfortunately I seem to have the smallest tank and the least inclination to check how quickly I’m going through it.

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking that I really need to make notes for these posts and I know for certain that something worth talking about happened on Monday.  I just can’t remember what it was.

Looking back, I’m not sure that it was one of the most exciting weeks.  I think I did something fun, but I can’t remember that either.

Maybe my memory is just going.

I got scared after someone drew the blinds at work and I only saw the shadow of a solar powered light out the corner of my eye and thought there was someone loitering outside.

I played football on Wednesday, I can remember that.  I didn’t play with the normal group because that was cancelled, but went to play with someone else.  I like playing there, they think I’m good.  I tore my favourite compression pants though.  I stretched for the ball and ended up getting stood on.  Completely accidental but it ripped the pants and I haven’t felt pain in my shin like I did on that drive home.  It’s a bit yellow now.

I saw this and it tickled me:

I don’t usually like posting these “inspirational” messages, but I saw one the other day and stuck with me for a while.  It was possibly just that I recognised the message.

I was out an about on Friday and walked past a pizza place.  I used to do takeaway pizza on most Friday nights with someone I haven’t spoken to for years and when I walked past this place my first thought was to check if that was the place we normally ordered from.  I’ve had pizza with many people since, and it was just strange it came back to me then.

Lots of new Pokémon to show off.  A few new ones:

A few new perfect ones:

And a few new shiny ones:

I went to the match yesterday evening, with Liverpool beating Watford 5-0.  It was really, really cold!

The snow came in quickly and it was weird because on the way there it was actually pretty nice.  So nice it came as a major shock when I nearly tripped over these three people.  It’s even hard to see them in the photo given all that camouflage.

So I spent the night last night after the match with only one criteria for which pub or bar I went to – the one with heating!

The irony that I got back home to none.

I hope that you’ve had a fun and exciting week.  Speak to you next Sunday.

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