In The News : Being Yourself

Last week was the week in which Microsoft banned swearing in Xbox Live as part of its updated terms and conditions.  Anyone found violating the rules, which go into effect on May 1, may be suspended or banned from Xbox services. Offenders also risk forfeiting their account balances, any content licenses they may own, and their Xbox Gold Membership.

As much as you try not to, there’s nothing that incites offensive language more than getting virtually killed repeatedly by a 6 year old 4000 miles away.

I’m not sure what he said or what triggered it, but a waiter fired a year ago for being aggressive and disrespectful claims he’s not rude — he’s just French.  Guillaume Rey is suing a Vancouver restaurant in British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal for “discrimination against my culture.”

“Mr. Rey will have to explain what it is about his French heritage that would result in behavior that people misinterpret as a violation of workplace standards of acceptable conduct,” tribunal member Devyn Cousineau said.

Unacceptable conduct is something that has been a big story in Australia over the last week.  Or was it just cheating?

Bowler Cameron Bancroft was seeing tampering with the ball during Australia’s cricket match with South Africa.  Cameras caught him taking something yellow out of his pocket and rubbing the ball with it.  When he thought people were on to him, he put the yellow object down his pants where it presumably rubbed on another type of ball which doesn’t need sanding in order to swing.

One thing led to another and it’s ended with Bancroft, vice captain David Warner and captain Steve Smith all picking up lengthy bans and coach Darren Lehmann stepping down from his position.  It’ turns out that the “leadership team” were complicit in the ball tampering.  The Australians (as with a lot of cricketers nowadays, to be fair) are known for flying very close to the line of what is both in the laws and spirit of the game but a lot of the comments in the press ran along the lines that the action was simply a reflection of the culture of the team.

We’re not always the people that we try to be.  There can be something that insights is to be a different version of ourselves and other times it’s so deeply engrained we can’t do anything about it.  All those stories have been in the news in the last week.

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