The Explanation Coffee

If we were having a coffee this week, I’d probably start with explaining last week.

I can be lazy – I know that.  It also sucks for me to know that because I try not to be, but I need to be motivated to do things like the dishes, or the vacuuming.  Having to get motivated for something I don’t want to do makes sense, but I’d found myself trying to find reasons not to do things I enjoy.

I decided that I need to do something about it so I rang my GP try to get an appointment, to find out mainly if I’m just being lazy or if something is causing it.  I entered the telephone queue at number 7 and was down to number 1 in 5 minutes.  I hung on for 20 minutes before deciding something had messed up.  I rang back again and was number 7 once more, got down to number 1 and hung on for 10 minutes before deciding I was blacklisted.

I asked a friend to ring up and she got through virtually straight away.  They did give me an appointment though, so obviously not on a blacklist.

The guy who sits opposite me at work told me how he spent the whole of the long Bank Holiday weekend in bed with flu like symptoms.  That afternoon I began to get a headache and a stiff neck with got worse as the day went on.  I saw this as a genuine reason not to play football but was told that we had even teams so it would be good if I could turn up, which I did.  It was just some other guy that didn’t rock up so ruined it anyway.  I survived by doing the bare minimum but still blocked one shot with my calf that stung like crazy and which I was still feeling days afterwards.

Thankfully, and yet somewhat disappointingly, all the money I spent on flu remedies to make sure that I was fit and able to go to watch Liverpool v Manchester City on Wednesday night

I got in to the office on Friday morning to a short notice meeting with my boss “reserving time to connect” but no usual agenda.  “Here we go again,” I thought, assuming that I was going to be once again facing redundancy despite the absence of HR representative.  I couldn’t concentrate for the duration of the morning.  Alas, turns out it’s my boss who is leaving.  I think that leaves me in a precarious position given that none of the projects he formulates ever seem to really come to anything, but he clearly sees more potential than I do.  That, or I’m more cynical.

Anyway, time to wrap up with some new Pokémon this week.

I hope your week has been fun.  Speak to you next time.

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