The Fairly Busy Week Coffee

If we were having a coffee this week, I’d say that I have noticed my posts are getting a little more sparse.  I’ve had a busy week and I when I look at it now I have no idea how I managed to do a post a day for so long.

On Tuesday I went to a friend’s place to watch Liverpool beat Manchester City.  People who aren’t football fans won’t get it and those who are probably know what I’m on about anyway, but the game was so tense that I actually didn’t enjoy watching a lot of it!  I got to the stage, especially at half time, where I was thinking I’d just go home and try to forget that it was happening!

I stuck it out and it was a great result in the end.  Not so great was the KitKat he gave me during the game.  Guess what it is before you scroll past it too far.

So, who guessed it? Wasabi.  It was bizarre.  It wasn’t strong wasabi, but mixed with chocolate it was just wrong.  A bit like the “Feisty Cherry” Coke I bought.  I thought it was just a rebranding but no! It’s kind of spicy as an aftertaste which takes you by surprise it is that much of an aftertaste.

On Wednesday I played football which gave me Thursday as my only night this week with nothing to do.  I spent it in front of the PlayStation.  I think I got a bit engrossed because, when I finished, I realised that I’d driven about 120 miles round a track in Brazil.

On Friday I went to go to see Frank Turner play Manchester Academy.

I got cheese on toast for dinner.

As usual, Frank’s show was tremendous, but it felt very strange for me that night.  I used to go to see a friend in Manchester pretty much every Friday night.  When she lived in the city centre I used to park at the same car park as I did that Friday, and then I walked up a road towards where she may or may not have been this week at a time she realistically could have been there.  The last time I went to see Frank Turner at the Academy, she was supposed to come with me but we stopped talking a few weeks prior.  So everything felt a little odd for me that night.

I’d booked the afternoon off to get some stuff done but it meant that, by the end of the gig, I’d been on my feet for over 10 of the last 11 hours and my back was letting me know it.  The week had been tiring because I’d been supporting colleagues in Australia and New Zealand for a few nights this week, so getting on Friday and getting to bed was amazing.

However, Saturday was spent watching horse racing.  I don’t really get horse racing to be honest and I’m not sure I particularly enjoy it.  I like horses, and I do actually believe that they enjoy the racing if not the whipping and, since that National got safer, I don’t have so much of an issue with it.  The bit that grates tends to be the people.  This time I noticed that there are far more people who smoke than I thought.  It’s also fairly obvious that the racing is incidental to getting drunk for a lot of people, which generally makes it a very expensive session.

I was trying to put together a fairly succinct sentence regarding the fashion and glamour, but couldn’t.  I could, however, come up with some broad generalisations.  More really is more when it comes to men wearing socks with suits – I don’t get 3/4 length trousers paired with turtle neck jumpers and no socks.  More is also more when it comes to some dresses. Barring a few exceptions, I found myself thinking that a lot of the women wearing more fabric than others looked a lot more glamorous than the ones who had had made their dresses out of as much fabric as the gents’ missing socks.  The opposite was true of the make-up though – less definitely is more, or at least the look of less.

Anyway, I spotted the important things first and then settled in for another 8 hours standing up even if it was in the sunshine this time, as my burn reminds me.

This was actually the first time I left the event in profit.  I picked my horses as I usually do, which is closer to interesting names than form.  I got Debece (pronounced DBC rather than Deb-etch-A as I thought!) each way in the first race, Identity Thief on the nose in the one before the National, and in the main event I got Tiger Roll as the winner (I like bread) and also an each way bet too, but I can’t remember the name of that one now.

Today I got three new shiny Pokemon!

And I think that’s about it.  I’ll try to get on it again next week.  Speak to you then.

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