The Vitamin D Fortified Coffee

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week mine would be in the reusable cup I didn’t need but which was supposed to be free but which I was charged for and didn’t realise.

I guess my big news this week, if that’s what you can call it, relates to why I’ve been feeling so crap recently.

I’ll be honest, I checked my calendar this week and was 7 days out.  This came as a surprise to me when someone at work pointed out on Tuesday that Friday was 20th.  That meant that my doctor’s appointment was on Thursday, Moo’s “birthday” was on Friday and my mother’s birthday was yesterday.  Safe to say that I hadn’t particularly planned for any of those things.

So, the first one.  Apparently it’s been 2 years since I last went to see my GP.  She told me that like it was something I was supposed to be impressed about and I kind of was, to an extent.  However, I’ve never really consider myself to get ill.  I tend to just hurt myself.  The fact I haven’t hurt myself badly is good.  The other positive was the time that has passed since my last visit, because I know what that was for and, at the time, I couldn’t imagine being two years away.

I told her that I wanted the appointment because I wanted to find out whether or not I was just being lazy and grumpy, or whether there was a reason for it.  She arranged some blood tests which I was able to get done there and then because of a cancellation and I left.  I went to work feeling surprisingly non-woozy considering how I usually react to the vampires and I thought nothing of it considering that my follow up was for two weeks.

I went shopping that night and got a phone call from the doctors.  At first I didn’t think twice, and then my brain worked out that I was getting a phone call from a medical professional 13 days earlier than I was anticipating.

Apparently my issue is a lack of vitamin D.  She explained that the target levels are supposed to be between 75 and 150 nmol/L, although some of the sources I’ve been reading put it at 75-200.  I’m at 17.

She said that she would prescribe me some tablets which I’m assuming I can describe as a supplement.  I said that, seeing as I was out anyway, I could get some at Boots but I didn’t realise quite how little they would help.  They are 25 micro gram tablets, but my prescription is for 500.  That’s 10000% RDA.  Ten thousand.  I need one a day for 15 days and then I go to 1 a month, but it says to continue for life….

I think the part I was surprised about was that I consider myself to spend quite a lot of time outside.  I guess the qualifying statement is “quite a lot of time outside for someone in a 9 to 5.”

I went to get Moo a birthday present.  In truth, it’s probably not his birthday but it is the anniversary of the day I adopted him.  I gave him special food for the day but, being a cat, he didn’t like it.  He did, however, finally get the hang of his present.

Mum’s birthday was also sorted out, but it appears that Dad told my brother of the plans twice, rather than telling each of his sons once.

Work has been interesting this week.  I’ve learnt that I can make problems go away by doing absolutely nothing.  I’ve also learnt that 4 people that aren’t me have applied for a job that has not been advertised that I’m the only person qualified for.  So that’ll be a fun one to play out over the coming weeks.

I’m not sure that there’s that much for me to look forward to this coming week.  I’ve had in my head that something is happening tomorrow, but I’ve got no idea what it is.

I hope you’ve had a great week.  Speak to you next Sunday.

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