The Lack Of A Better Title Coffee

Hey.  If we were having a coffee this week I’d recommend one that went a bit wrong.  I ordered a cortado earlier with a single shot of vanilla syrup that was made a bit too big which makes it a quasi flat white, so she put an extra espresso shot in it.  It was lovely, although I’m still a little unsure why the option wasn’t just to make me another cortado rather than trying to fix the wrong one.

I’ve also had a thing for ice cream this week.  I like ice cream.

Excuse the bite marks.  I couldn’t contain my excitement.

On Tuesday night I went to go see the Liverpool v Roma match.  As we were going we got news that the Main Stand was being evacuated due to a suspicious package in the media section, which turned out to just be a journalist who had taken the tag off his bag.  Then we leave the ground and hear the news that a fan was attacked and is critically ill in hospital.  An opposition fan hit him with a belt and he hit his head when he fell over.

I don’t believe that football fans of any affiliation as a whole are to blame for instances like that.  I think it’s a minority of morons for whom the football is a secondary objective.  People say it shouldn’t happen at a football match but, truth be told, it shouldn’t happen at all.

The match in the middle of those two incidents was great.  In the semi-finals of the Champions League a 5-2 win shouldn’t really happen, but to lose the 2 late goals from 5-0 does feel disappointing.  That was how I felt when playing football myself on Wednesday evening.

I’m not the best player but would describe myself as competent.  I can also recognise my strengths and weaknesses.  Now, I don’t mind playing with people who aren’t very good.  There is one guy who plays every now and again and he genuinely struggles to even kick a ball.  However, he tries and he enjoys it and he’s inoffensive.  The people that bother me are the ones who think they’re good but aren’t.

I had a guy telling me where I need to position myself but it started to become apparent to me that he was positioning me for his own benefit.  He also only seemed to have a catalog of three things to do with the ball.  The first was to dribble it forward a few yards.  Then, wherever he was, he’d either go for a long left to right pass to a teammate who may or may not even have been there, or he’d shoot normally high enough to nearly clear the 20 foot fence behind the goal let alone the goal itself.

I went to the beach.

My boss left work on Thursday, so I’m somewhat orphaned.  They still don’t know if he’s going to be replaced and I understand there to be a choice of 4 people to give me someone to report to.  I doubt any of them are particularly fighting over me given that two barely know my name and the others don’t know what I do.  However, one of my own boss’ final tasks was to do my appraisal.

Because I’d been messed about last year we ended up doing one maybe a month ago anyway, just to put a tick in a box.  There was nothing contentious at all and I wouldn’t even really call it an appraisal.  This time it was better but we got to the “career progression” part and he said, “I don’t know what your plans are, whether it’s just to get to the end of the year and take your package but you need to look after yourself.”

For those who may be reading this and don’t know, “taking my package” means redundancy.  My boss was non-committal when pressed but I’m aware of a few things going on that make me think that I’m not too long for that place again.

I have been remembering to take my Vitamin D supplements for the last week which I’m quite pleased about.  I think I had a placebo effect when I first started the course as the first few days I’ve felt better than I have for a while,  but that was replaced again towards the end of the week as I’d kind of expect I suppose.

I caught a shiny Wailmer!

I guess I’ll finish with a bit of an apology to my few regular readers.  I wanted to be writing 4 posts a week which felt easy having spent so long writing one a day.  Yet somehow I seem to be struggling and, if I look back now, I genuinely have no idea how I managed to keep up that one a day streak.  I guess that more life things are happening now and the four posts were scheduled for days that make it hard.  So I think I’m going to try a more realistic three and do them when I can.

Speak to you next week.

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