The Coffee With The Kids’ Drinks

Hey, if we were having a coffee this week it would have to be quite week because I forgot to buy any more.

I used to know someone who would have prolific dreams at the time of a new moon.  I’m the opposite in that I dream on full moons which happened at the beginning of this week.  On Monday I woke up from a dream that I was on the TV show Hunted which I did actually apply for but I doubt that I’ve got in.  I was doing it with my brother but we decided to split up towards the end and I won.  I remember hiding in a few houses and someone’s garden, putting a tarp over some thrown out furniture that there was there around a burnt out fire.

I played football on Tuesday this week because Liverpool were playing on Wednesday.  There was a new guy there who hadn’t been told that we were playing for fun and that some of us had jobs to go to the next day.  He was very happy to make a tackle, shall we say.  He gave away more fouls in that one hour than I’ve seen given in months of our games.  I once controlled the ball, looked up to make a pass and just saw this guy coming at me straight legged, knee height with his foot, so I just decided to get out the way.

On Wednesday was Roma v Liverpool in the semi-final of the Champions League.  Liverpool got through, just, and it was nerve wracking.  I’ve entered the ballot for a ticket for the final in Kiev, Ukraine.  That’s going to be a trek and a half.

A load of us from work went out on Friday night.  One of the guys had a can of Hooch followed by a Smirnoff Ice.  One can only assume that he thought he was 14 and it was 1995 again.

Some of the guys got bored where we are (including the guy who seems to be permanently on heat) so we moved on to the next place, which turned out the be next door.  It was really busy with 8 people other than us in there, and half of those were thrown out by the bouncers before midnight.

I wonder what the “local assistance” is that’s offered on a condom machine.

On Saturday, seeing as it was nice weather, I decided to mow my meadow.  It’s now looking slightly more like a lawn.  I also decided to clean the car.  I honestly have no idea how people with big cars clean them.  My car is small with a fabric roof which obviously doesn’t need waxing or polishing, but doing the whole car took me around 5 hours.

Incidentally, if you ever wash your car and you think it’s clean (this is especially so for those with dark paint like my car) I can highly recommend a clay bar kit.

That was from one small part of one panel.  It might be time consuming, but it’s worth it.

That night I was shattered and was cramping all over the place! I think it was maybe dehydration from being out in the sun for so long.  I’m certainly a bit more red than I was.

I went another dusk visit to the beach.

And I think that’s about it.  Speak to you next week.


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