The Coffee With Tea And Other Not Great Things

Hey, I ran out of coffee this week.  Tea?

I ended up buying tea for my grandmother for her birthday, with a nice mug.  Then I realised that I’d never seen her drink tea, so quickly went out to buy her a plant instead, which wasn’t particularly original.

My Dad took it round.  While he was there, my grandad (who has Parkinson’s disease) went to take his medication.  After 15 minutes they realised that he hadn’t yet come back.  Dad found him in the kitchen where he’d filled his tablet tray with water and then couldn’t work out what to do next.  The day after he was diagnosed with dementia as well.

My Dad has always said that dementia is, in his opinion, the worst disease to get.  It’s obviously not great news, to say the least.  It has been a little weird, because there have been suspicions that he has it for a while, but those suspicions have usually stemmed from his dry sense of humour which his Parkinson’s doesn’t always let him convey.  Even later this week, Dad took him for a coffee where they discussed the clips needed for some particular piping and what is happening at work for my brother and I.  Grandad went home and relayed all the news to my grandmother.

That makes the rest of my week inconsequential, but anyway.

You’ll have seen (maybe) that I went to go see We Are Scientists are Wednesday.  I kind of forgot to get anything to eat before the show, so spent most of it with the munchies.

I got a milkshake a few days later, after I’d obviously satiated my gig appetite.

It had a few ingredients including Kinder Bueno and Nutella, and was lovely.

Starting Friday morning and still going strong, I’ve a twitchy upper left nostril.

I went out last night and didn’t seem able to retain a drink for any longer than 20 minutes.  The frequency at which I had to go the bathroom was worrying! I was planning my journey home by way of secluded spots just in case.

I went to Liverpool’s final home game of the season today.  Mohammed Salah became the league’s top scorer and was presented with his Golden Boot after the game.  His little daughter stole the show though, recognising that the crowd cheered whenever she kicked the ball and played up that.

As they were leaving the pitch, Mo took the ball off her and was roundly booed!

I haven’t been able to get a shiny Meditite or a shiny Makuhita this last two weeks, but did catch a near perfect Latios.

Right, my camomile is kicking in.  I’ll speak to you next week.


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