In The News : The Royal Wedding (My Thoughts)

I thought it would possibly remiss not to provide a few, probably incoherent thoughts on last weekend’s royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  I watched on replay from the BBC’s coverage.  My idea was being able fast forward through the bits I didn’t really want to watch but, in fairness, I thought the coverage was excellent.

My first thought was about how the other half a live.  I’m lucky and I’m comfortable, but I’ll never be able to propose with a ring containing two diamonds from my mother’s personal collection and one from Botswana.  Sorry ladies.  I’m not saying that begrudgingly either; I’m fairly ambivalent towards the Royal Family, if I’m honest.  However, I see the ring as maybe a metaphor for what I see from Harry perhaps more than any of the others, and that’s taking advantage of the opportunities that his role provides, and the fact that he has experienced the horrors of fighting on the front line in Afghanistan makes him and all the others that do that deserve all the good they can get.

It was interesting listing to the commentators debating which designer would make Meghan’s dress.  I can’t remember who it was, but they were dropping names and made some comment about such and such a designer now being the favourite.  When questioned about why, the reporter said that other fashionistas were simply suggesting it apropos to nothing.  “We think it’s that because this person said they thought it might be.”

Bishop Michael Curry was great, and then maybe went a little too far.  I thought that the bit about the fire was unnecessary even looking at now, reading the transcript.  I’m not sure I was the only one that thought he took a bit long either.  I’m surprised someone didn’t tell the director to stop going to shots of the congregation staring at the ceiling.

I remember watching the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge get married and I wasn’t entirely sure it was the type of wedding I would want.  This one kind of felt more homely, and I think it was the setting.  The chapel at Windsor Castle looked more intimate (odd to say of a place holding 800 people).  Maybe it’s better to say that it felt like this was some people who could use an amazing venue doing so, rather than it being a public event.

Which takes me nicely back to Bishop Curry.

Two young people fell in love, and we all showed up.

How bizarre that an estimated near 2 billion people watched that wedding.  As a Royal, it’s probably expected.  It was Meghan’s mother I thought of though.  As her daughter was growing up, I wonder how her expectations of the day changed, culminating it actually happening yesterday, with nearly 2 billion more people watching than she would have thought, as well as it being so many thousands of miles away.

They were my thoughts.  I thought it was a good do.

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