The Bank Holiday Monday Coffee

Hello! I’m taking advantage of the long weekend to do our normal weekend coffee on Monday rather than Sunday this week.

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, I’ve had a busy weekend that started at 3am Saturday morning, getting up for a flight to Ukraine to go to the Champions League Final.  Moo was puzzled but he likes food so this was the chance for early breakfast.  I’d identified that opportunity the night before and had left over pizza.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t that bothered about going.  We entered our tickets in to the ballot which gave us a 1 in 3.7 chance of getting a ticket per entry.  We entered 5 tickets in the ballot (Mum is saying she did, but we suspect she didn’t in case she got one and would feel obliged to go herself) and got three.  Yet again, Dad’s was the only one that wasn’t a season ticket to come out the drawer and he had already surprised us by saying that he would go if he got one.

That left me and my brother.  He had long since already booked travel via Warsaw but my superstition meant that I wouldn’t tempt fate, especially with that much money at stake.  In the end my flight cost me £950.  It’s a lot of money and logic says not to go, but I kept being told that it would be nice for all three of us to go.

On the Friday night, Dad got a phone call saying that his Dad had taken a turn for the worse in hospital.  His heart rate was rapid and uncontrollable.  The feeling was that he wouldn’t survive the night.  I expected not to see Dad in the car as he came to pick me up to go to the airport, but he’d decided that he was going, come what may.

It was weighing on him.  He was at pains to tell me that he was quiet just because he was tired but, after we’d checked in, he shrugged and said that he won’t know now anyway.  I’m not sure how he came to that conclusion, whether he’d agreed that no-one would tell him if the worst was to happen, but he seemed resigned.

We took our seats on the plane and I looked over to see that Dad was asleep.  He barely woke for take off but, when he did, I told him of the message that Mum had sent me, saying that Grandad was sitting up, had had a wash and eaten his breakfast and was asking about his family, the latter of which is all the more comforting for someone with dementia.  Apparently he was also talking to people who weren’t there about the rabbits in the ward, but we only found that out when we were back.

We walked round Kiev for a bit before going to the match, which was disappointing.  I wrote the match report of sorts yesterday and I have two more posts coming, so I don’t want to say too much more about the trip, but it was obviously tiring and I was pleased to be back home to bed!

Work has been hard again this week.  I’m getting annoyed with people and the system and my feeling is that I’m genuinely more useful than important, but only as time and resource rather than skills because I’ve found myself in a situation where my role has been undefined for so long and so few people know what I do or what I’m good at.  My mind is now made up that I have to leave, either on their terms or mine.  I’m looking for opportunities, but approaching it with an open mind.  I know some things that I don’t want, but am struggling for the flip side.  “Rage quitting” was an option earlier in the week.  It still feels it now, but I need to tell myself that that probably isn’t useful.

I woke up this morning from a dream of two people that I used to work with offering me a job.  I had more dreams this week too which is odd considering the moon phase!

Other than that, I actually can’t remember too much of what happened this week! I hope yours was fun.

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