In The News : Students, Spiders, Heroes And Fried Chicken

A student ordered KFC just so the delivery driver would help her remove a spider.

Demi Sweeney, 22, spotted a huge spider in the corner of a corridor after waking up to her empty houseshare in Bournemouth.  She has a huge phobia of spiders to the extent that she will check rooms for them to make sure there aren’t any creepy crawlies around.

A friend suggested she called Deliveroo, who were happy for her to request the additional service.

The delivery driver, Joe, came Demi’s rescue despite not liking spiders himself.  The rescue attempt was not without casualties though.  Apparently Joe grabbed the spider but dropped it.  Its escape was foiled when it was squashed and left to a watery grave.

DJ Chris Moyles has told a story where he used to order takeaway while he was in the pub.  I can’t remember exactly how he did it, but he got at least some food delivered to his home in order to get a lift with the delivery driver.  (It might have been that the takeaway was next door to the pub or he got some food delivered their too.)  It was cheaper than a taxi considering he’d be buying the kebab anyway.

It also reminded me of a friend’s story where he was asked to go to set up the wifi in a massage parlour and was offered alternatives to cash payment which were as seedy as you’re possibly imagining.  He at least says that he didn’t accept the offer but it still spurred the discussion about whether he would have been cheating on his wife if he had have done.  Something about it not being his intention to have that sort of happy ending when he left the house (a rationale flawed in a number of ways).

But while we think about intention, does this actually mean that Demi organised a contract killing?

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