The Very Early Morning Coffee


If we were having a coffee this week, we’d be having it iced.  I ordered a cold brew before but I think they just gave me an iced latte.  It wasn’t particularly strong.

My sleep this week has been all over the place.  I’ve seen the time between 2 and 4am every day this week for one reason or another and it’s left me pretty tired.

It probably started last Saturday to be honest.  We were going to do a road trip but, when the alarm went off at 4, couldn’t be bothered.  Most of the nights I woke up and saw it.  I felt OK but then realised it was still dark.  My stirring woke Moo who sleeps at the end of the end of the bed and he wasn’t even bothered enough to ask for his breakfast.

Wednesday morning I went to bed just after 3am.  I had a 1.30am meeting with people in Australia.  It should have been easy – so easy that it shouldn’t even have warranted a meeting.  Alas, it didn’t go well and I ended up with a post-meeting meeting to make sure it wasn’t just me and that I’d correctly minuted the meeting, because some of the things that happened were just absurd.

Unfortunately going to bed and going to sleep in that situation is slightly different.  I still went to football that night though which didn’t help either, for the same reason that sleeping after that form of exercise isn’t so easy for me.

This morning was 3am too, but that was my own fault!

May as well mention the other thing that happened at work this week.  I once read The Chimp Paradox about stress management.  One of the things it says is that, sometimes, it’s worth letting the chimp out the cage and to get a bit angry.  At the start of one of my projects I said to the team, “I’ve done this before, and one of the frustrations was having to do things twice.  Let’s make sure we’re clear on the what we need to do this time, because I only want to do it once.”

I had to do it three times.  So when the third request came in, I decided to tell the people who had sent all three requests to get together and make sure that this was the last time, because I was fed up with it.  I also provided some constructive ways to improve.

Someone who I’ve worked with for years but to whom I have no real direct link at the moment noticed and decided it was worth giving me a ring.  She’d spotted some of the problems from one e-mail that my previous three previous managers have failed to do so.  We’ll see what comes of it.

On Thursday, a friend invited me to go to listen to someone do a talk.  The guy had been a chaplain at sports clubs (big sports clubs) so we thought that there’d be some interesting stories.  It was more like a school assembly to me.  The thing I found most interesting was that he seemed to have no interest in sports performance from what he did.  I could understand that, but I couldn’t work out how that was translated to a business plan.

Also this week… I was reminded that a friend’s cat was once so pleased to see me that she did a somersault.

I took some photos of sunsets.

I tried to take a photo of a heron, but it flew away.

And I got a Smores milkshake complete with toasted marshmallows.

I will talk to you next week.

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