In The News : Trains, Chocolate And Customer Service

The government have come up with a great way to stop overcrowding of trains – stop people getting them.

It’s not quite as simple as that obvious solution suggests.  A document published by the Department for Transport proposed that some trains should be used only to set down passengers at local stations, and would not pick up any more.  They’d achieve this by not saying that the train is coming on digital display boards in stations and, presumably, hoping people no longer bother with long term (paper) timetables.

Some of the rail companies know that there service isn’t very good or, as Thameslink put it, like Poundland cooking chocolate instead of Ferrero Rocher.  Poundland were less than impressed with the tweet and requested it to be removed before their “extremely twitchy legal team” were engaged.

Poundland’s retail director, Austin Cooke, wrote in a statement to Thameslink CEO Charles Horton that GTR had “no right to use our name to describe poor service,” explaining Poundland had served 8 million shoppers last week and had a “pretty good idea about what great customer service is”.

Even when customers were unable to get in to one of their flooded stores, store workers got the shopping for their customers and brought it to the doors for them.  Kind of makes the government’s plan for trains seem even more of a workaround than a solution.

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