In The News : Reputations

Last week, the artist Banksy told a story on Instagram about a piece of artwork that he submitted Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

The work was called Vote for Love and was inspired by a Vote Leave placard from 2016’s Brexit referendum.  Banksy submitted the work under the pseudonym Bryan S Gaakman, “an anagram of Banksy anagram”. It was rejected, but when the Academy asked Banksy to enter some work, he submitted it again under his normal title and it’s hanging in Gallery 3 now.

I haven’t actually watched that much of the World Cup – the kick off times and work’s policy against streaming are somewhat ruining things.  I have though, seen a couple of games.

The first particular one was Brazil v Switzerland.  Brazil got off to a great start with an absolutely worldie from Philip Coutinho putting them ahead.  It was a curling effort from the 20 odd metres that was hit with bend and swerve and menace in to the top corner, leaving the Swiss goalkeeper helpless.

As the game moved on, after Switzerland had equalised, the world’s most expensive footballer, Neymar and his stupid hair, started to exert some control, or at least try.  He took every free kick from the edge of the penalty area and made a hash of them, when perhaps Coutinho had shown that there were better options.

Egypt have just lost 3-1 to hosts Russia.  It was Mo Salah’s first game of the World Cup and the camera people didn’t miss an opportunity to zoom in on him.  A lot of talk has been on how big Salah will be in this World Cup on the back of his phenomenal season at Liverpool.  Salah, though, looked rusty after injury despite scoring a penalty.

This got me thinking about reputations.  Banksy’s is enough to make someone like something that they didn’t already.  Neymar’s is such that people think he’s the most important cog in the Brazilian machine, when he might not be in all ways.  Salah’s reputation somewhat diminishes how the ability of his teammates on Merseyside make him a better player.

How often do we perhaps judge someone or something on the wrong point?

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