The Reminiscing Coffee.

Hey, if we were having a coffee this week, I’d probably share some stories.

If you read this blog last weekend, you’ll know that my Grandad has been sick.  My grandmother had spent the vast majority of the weekend sat by his hospital bed listening to him breathe.  When she went home for a change of clothes and a wash, he died.

I think everyone is secretly pleased.  I said last week that he probably wasn’t living much of a life and it probably wasn’t going to get any better.  Apparently at one point during one of his last spells of being coherent he turned to my grandmother and asked her if she was happy.  We’re not sure if it was genuine or his sense of humour but she’s finding solace in the fact that he maybe didn’t want her to be present when he finally had enough.

As, I guess, is relatively normal, stories of his life had been told.  Apparently my grandmother is still using the ironing board that he rescued from a refuse tip when she asked him to get a new one.  He brought home a broken one and repaired it.  That wasn’t the first time he recycled to solve a problem.

One time he went (and I can’t remember when this would have been) when there was going to be a blackout and picked up as many car headlights as he could find.  He then took a lot of industrial batteries from work and became the only house on the street to have light.

Even though he wasn’t always the best at it, a lot of what he did was problem solving.  We think that it’s a skill that may have helped him deal with his Parkinson’s diagnosis because he never seemed to suffer from the depression that can so often accompany it.  It’s the cliche of having challenges rather than problems.

My sleep got back to normal from Tuesday night.  Now I’m just tired because I don’t go to bed early enough!  It’s nice to sleep through and be woken by an alarm clock / cat rather than waking up randomly in the middle of the night though.

I could not get motivated at all at work on Friday.  I fixed some problems but anything that took longer than 15 minutes wasn’t happening, so I left early.  I kind of had my heart set on Takeaway Friday from an early point.

Yesterday was my birthday.  It felt a little weird “celebrating”.  Being honest, it was a strange day.  It’s obviously been a while since I had a weekend birthday so it felt like most of it was spent working to everyone else’s plans.  My brother stayed over at my place for some reason.  Still not quite sure why.  Moo was not overly impressed, especially as he still wasn’t allowed in the spare room despite there being a human in there.

It was a reasonable week for new Pokémon though.

That’s some Alolan forms a perfect new Legendary.

I hope you had a good week.  I have a post that I didn’t quite finish last week lined up for this.  I need to start doing three a week at least.  So will speak to you later.


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