The Coffee With Tears, Sadness And A Red Tree

Evening, if we were having a coffee this week mine would be a shot of espresso with condensed milk.  I think it would be better with really strong espresso and the milk mixed in a little more than mine was initially, but it’s pretty good.

This was the week I was drawn in by the World Cup, and it took England getting to the semi-final to do it.  I won’t repeat myself, especially if your read this (of course you did!), but this England team finally felt like one I could get behind.  I watched the match with friends.  England lost, and probably deserved to if everyone’s honest, but it still wasn’t bad.

One of my friend’s kids had been “watching” the match, not looking like he cared and that he’d rather be anywhere else doing anything else.  That was until the final whistle when he burst in to tears.  Apparently it was the referee’s fault.  His dad went to console him.  Sadly I thought that watching England lose was a rite of passage, in a similar to way to parents that kids a hamster or goldfish so that they’ll learn what loss is.

No sooner had I posted my review of my new robotic vacuum that it wouldn’t work.  I’d had a few power cuts at home and Sucky was refusing to connect to my wifi meaning that it wouldn’t clean to a schedule.  I could still manually turn it on, but that wasn’t quite the same.  It is now fixed – I ran out the battery and did an off/on of the router and all good, but…

I rang Dyson for their help.  They asked me for my name and address but I oddly kept getting my address wrong.  She said that they couldn’t help me “because of data protection”.  Data protection?! I was getting a bit grumpy, but was also surprised, so I asked them which part of me personal data they thought they were protecting by telling me how to fix a vacuum cleaner.  They couldn’t answer, but we get to the bottom of it once she realised that I didn’t live at a post office.

Thursday was bizarre, or part of it was.  I was in work and all of a sudden got very sad.  I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s the only way I can explain it.  The feeling was gone again in seconds and there was no apparent trigger, but for that very brief period of time, the only way I can describe it was feeling really sad.

On a lighter note, I found a strange red tree.

I also found a pigeon….

…scarecrows having a “pony party:…

…and a load of new Pokémon.

And I’ve been entered in to a Dragon Boat race, but more on that next week.

Until then, have fun.

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