Petty Hates : Medication Leaflets

I don’t take a lot of medication.  The only thing I do take with any regularity is my vitamin D supplement, and that’s once a month.

I take the occasional pain killer and I use bite cream.  I took a cocktail of pain killer and Diazepam when my back went and readers from a few years ago will know that I used Citalopram.

Whatever the regularity of taking medicines, there is one undeniable truth…  You will open the box at the leaflet end.

I know it’s not a big thing, but how does it always happen?

Apparently the boxes are designed so that a right handed person will open the right end when viewing the writing on the box read from left to right.  I haven’t opened enough boxes to find out of that’s true.

I think the bit that bugs me is the fact that I can’t work out how it’s done from a manufacturing point of view, to make it beneficial to have the leaflet wrap the medication.  Does the leaflet go in the box first? Does the leaflet wrap the medication and they go in the box at the same time? Or does the leaflet go in last?  I don’t know, and that annoys me.

Also what annoys me is the amount of paper put in paper.  It’s like when you go to buy a bag and the shop asks you if you want a bag for that, and it’s the same reason I dislike gift tags.  Got something to say? Use the box more effectively to make it better for the environment.  And to that point, how many people actually read what’s on the leaflet?  Considering the leaflet size to medication size ratio, one would think it would be important.  Maybe it is, I don’t know – I’ve never read it.

I think I’m destined to never ever open a box of medication and not have to instantly remove the leaflet.

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