The Coffee Share With The Cat And The Mouse

Hello! If we were having a coffee this week I’d be going for an espresso, just because I fancy it.

Today was the first day in over at least three years that Moo caught a mouse.  I don’t use my front porch at all – it’s simply on the wrong side of the house.  Moo Cat, though, is fascinated by it and has taken to asking to go in.  I opened the door and came up stairs.  About 10 minutes later I heard a cacophony of squeaks and Moo was parading a mouse around the room until he lost it.  I found it behind the book case and took it outside in a cardboard box.  Moo and I then had words.

Sometimes I have quiet weeks where I can’t seem to remember anything that happened, but this week is one of those weeks where I really can’t thing of anything to talk about.  I’m pretty sure that it’s been entirely uneventful.

I’ve been planning redecorating my living room so I’ve been doing some research and getting some inspiration.  I think I now have it all planned – I’ve picked the colours, worked out what I need to build and what I need to buy.  The hardest part is that I want to get a new electric fire which will need some building work, so I’ll need to plan that once I actually find one.  I spent a few hours driving round trying to find the one I want in a showroom but so far unsuccessful.

I’m off work next week to do a bit more planning, colour checking, looking at furniture etc.  My last meeting or thing to do at work was my quarterly appraisal.  I’ve only spoken to this line manager maybe 3 times before this appraisal, other than by e-mail.  He does, though, finally seem to be coming round to my way of thinking about things and it was largely positive.  I’d have been disappointed to leave for a week off if wasn’t so good.

I’m certainly looking forward to not being in work.  I’m ready for a rest.  One night last week I got home, had dinner, fell asleep at about 18.30, woke up at 22.30, gave Moo Dreamies, went to bed and woke up at 7am.  It’s been a long time since I had 12 hours sleep!

This week I built and an Aston Martin.

I got my first lucky Pokémon.

And I got s shiny Absol.

I’d best put the games room back together now that the mouse has been evicted.  Speak to you next week.

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