The Coffee With The Sofa And 12 Croquetas

Hi, if we were having a coffee this week it wouldn’t be in a reusable cup that I obviously haven’t rinsed out properly.  Honest.

I have a friend who is known for not being able to make decisions about the things he buys.  If he sees two shirts of different colours and he has no preference, he will buy both even though he only needs one.  On Monday, I did the same thing with jeans.

I went to an outlet village needing jeans.  I have a habit of wearing an unfortunate hole in exactly the same part or every pair I have.  It must be something to do with the way I walk or sit but, if you hold some jeans up by the waist as if you’re putting them on, I wear out the bottom left bit by where all the seams meet at the top of the legs.

I found a pair I liked for £27, reduced from £90.  I found another pair I liked for £30 reduced from £110 that would be good for work, and then another pair for £30 from £90 that, again, I just liked.  I’m a believer that you don’t just buy the saving, but I left with three pairs having spent three times more than I wanted to but fairly happy with the purchase.

On the way home I went to look at sofas.  I’d identified what I wanted but unfortunately they’ve stopped making it and stock is limited all over the country.  I located one in Ashton-under-Lyne, found the dimensions of all the boxes that the sofa comes in, measured up the parents’ car and, confident I could bring it home, went to go get it.  As I put one of the four big boxes in the car (one of a total of 11) it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t happening.

I did the Ikea Walk of Shame and went in to get it delivered.  Given that the boxes barely fit in my study I’m not sure how I so badly overestimated the size of the car.

On Wednesday I did some gardening.  I hate gardening.  I cut the grass or, more accurately, trimmed the weeds.  If it’s going to carry on being hot I didn’t want the grass to be too short so it felt like a wasted effort, but at least it’s flat now.  I then decided to tidy up the drive and, as part of that, I moved nearly three barrow loads of soil (and accompanying weeds) off the footpath next to my wall.  I was impressed with myself!

I’m not necessarily sure where Thursday went.  Oh, on Thursday I had crumpets with Nutella and strawberries and they were the dog’s dangly bits.  I also tried crumpets with ham, but they weren’t as good.

On Friday I watched the Antman and The Wasp film, and quite enjoyed it.  It’s a no brainer film, it’s a funny, a bit silly in places and quite entertaining.

I haven’t tested them yet, but yesterday I changed my chunky mountain bike tyres to slick road tyres.  I think I roughly remember fixing a puncture as a kid but after that my bike usage has been so low that such maintenance skills have been long forgotten.  I had tyre levers, so set about the task.  It wasn’t that hard in hindsight, but I was proud with myself again!  I like getting things done like that, but I need tasks to be short because I don’t seem to have the concentration for anything that takes a bit longer that doesn’t need to be done.

I went out last night.  Turns out that we didn’t really need to get the 12 croquetas even if they were very nice indeed.  I didn’t have room for any churros for dessert which was quite disappointing but given the croquetas, calamares and chorizo lollipops, more deep fried food probably wasn’t required.

There was a live band playing next door so we went and watched them.  I got called a boring c*nt by a girl who was so busy calling me a boring c*nt that she didn’t notice her drunk friend fall over and crack her head open.  That put a downer on the night for a few people I guess.  Never great when someone who was really enjoying themselves ends the night in tears.

Also this week I had a minor change in look.  My hair isn’t short short, but it is a lot shorter than it’s been since I was at university I think.  It was something that’s taken me a while to build up to but I quite like it now it’s done.  I can’t decide whether I look older or younger though.  Because it’s similar to what it was nearly 15 years ago I think I look a little younger, but because it’s a better haircut and a bit traditional, I sometimes think I look a little older.

I had a big ice cream.

And I caught a Spinda.

It hasn’t been the most entertaining week off.  It’s been one spent doing more of what I needed to do than what I would have liked to do.

Anyway.  I think that’s about it.  I hope you’ve had a good week.

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