In The News : Working Donkeys And Non-Working Condoms

Last week was one of things not being able to do their job.

Durex has apologised and provided refunds to customers as it had to recall some condoms.  A statement on their website read:

Our condoms are intended to provide a method of contraception and prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections through a non-latex barrier that offers a benefit to consumers sensitive to latex.

Only for the batches of condoms affected by this issue, there could be an increase in the number of condoms that burst during application or use.

Apparently ten batches of its non-latex Real Feel and Latex Free condoms with expiry dates between December 2020 and February 2021 are not passing “stringent shelf-life tests”.

Now I have issues explaining to people what I do for a living, but can you imagine how you tell people that you work in quality assurance for a condom manufacturer? One would imagine there’d be no shortage of volunteers for such a role, until you have to explain to someone that it hasn’t worked very well.

One thing not up to the job through no fault of their own is donkeys on the Greek island of Santorini.  Donkeys have traditionally been used to transport tourists around the island, but animal rights activists claim donkeys are increasingly left with spinal injuries and open wounds from ill-fitting saddles and the fact that more and more tourists are obese.

This is actually causing owners to crossbreed donkeys with heavier set mules to deal with the workload.

Charities are setting up guidelines, but some owners are just over working their animals because the demand is there.  When it’s not there ferrying fat people up steps, the donkeys are used to move building materials.

It sounds like the donkeys are maybe being too diligent, unlike the condom testers.

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