Petty Hates : Over Generalisations

Listening to the wireless the other night, the presenter was talking about things that he couldn’t do.  One of those things was playing cards.

As far as I’m aware, there’s no such game as “cards”.  There are plenty of games that use cards, such as Poker, Blackjack and a personal favourite, Shithead.  Alas, there is even Snap, which makes it even harder for me to comprehend what someone means when they say that they can’t play cards.

I once suggested to a friend that we could go to Subway (options were limited).  She replied that she didn’t like anything in Subway.  However, I know that she likes bread and, well, eats.  She’s not the first person I’ve met who had a similar dislike of, simply, sandwiches, why liking all their constituent parts.  I’m sure, if so inclined, they could find a sandwich they like by putting any food they like between bread.

In 2013, a study conducted by Dr. Joanne Dickson, from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society asked participants to make lists of personal goals and then analysed the data and found dramatic differences in goal-setting habits between people who suffered from depression and those who were not depressed.

The study found that people with depression tend to make more generalised personal goals than people who are not depressed.  That opens up a whole chicken and egg scenario – does depression lead to vague goals, or the failure to hit specific goals cause the depression?

Dickson said:

This study, for the first time, examined whether this trait also encompasses personal goals. We found that the goals that people with clinical depression listed lacked a specific focus, making it more difficult to achieve them and therefore creating a downward cycle of negative thoughts.

The gig with goal setting, I’ve found, is to make sure that you have enough smaller goals towards your big one to be able to make regular successes, thus breaking those negative thoughts.  Makes me wonder what would happen if the person who can’t play cards and the person who doesn’t like sandwiches were a bit more specific.  They’d be opening themselves up to whole world of extra entertainment and doughy goodness.

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