The Coffee Where I Review The Week Of Not Much

Hey, if we were having a coffee this week, mine would a cordusio.  The Cordusio is being added to Starbucks menus temporarily in honour of the coffee chain opening a Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan, on the Piazza Cordusio.  It’s like a flat white mocha, or a cappuccino mocha, and I’m not sure whether I think it’s great or not, hence the need to have another.

I can’t really remember too much of what’s happened this week, so let’s start with the usual structure.

Work has been long.  Workshops have been continuing in to this week and the majority are US hours, so I’ve done some long days.  I made the mistake, whilst working from home, of lying down while listening to one meeting and maybe, just perhaps, dozing off a little.  Moo seemed far more interested than I.

He spent a good ten minutes sat there looking at my phone.

What I don’t understand is, when I was working away, I was able to get up on time, get ready, be at breakfast on time and be in the office early.  Now I’m at home I can’t drag myself out of bed in the morning!

Moo Cat has been a very happy kitty since I got back.  He was extremely pleased to see me come home from work on Monday.  I think he thought I was leaving him again.

Bad news this week as I dropped a nearly full jar of sugar free fake Nutella.

It looked kind of cool.  I rescued what I felt safe rescuing.

When I was doing the Having a Coffee post from my Chicago hotel room two weeks ago, I couldn’t access my the photos I needed, so I had to find another latte art photo to use for the cover.  Turns out, I downloaded the same image 4 years ago today.

Who knew? And how interesting?

I went to the museum today and in the part where kids are supposed to hand their drawings I saw this one of a guy talking about Fake News.  I doubt it was really by a child, but it’s a bizarre place to make a political statement.

I also found a new job.

I added three new Pokémon to the Dex.

I’m sure there should be more than that, but I really can’t think of it.  I should maybe have done this post earlier when I was feeling more awake!

Hope you’ve had a good week.

(I think I’ve used this song before, but I was listening to it again a bit earlier today and heard a different meaning to it than I had before, which kind of sums up the way I was feeling about something.  So I’m posting it again.  It’s a simple video, but the bit with the guitar solo made me laugh.)



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  1. Mocha please

    But a cappuccino mocha is better than being made with latte milk.

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