In The News : Bad Education

In China, a maths teacher has demonstrated that she has no grasp of numbers or time, let alone how to teach.

Ms Su asked her class of nine year olds to count out 100 million grains of rice in an exercise designed to help them with extremely large numbers.  When one parent enquired about how to children were supposed to count out all the grains of rice, Ms Su confirmed via text that it was “one by one”, a task which, if the children counted one grain per second for 8 hours per day would take them 9 years to complete.

Helpfully, “If you don’t have time tonight, you can complete the assignment this weekend,” said Ms Su.

Not one to back down, Ms Su suggested that one parent must have miscalculated the weight of the rice when they said that it would weigh eight tonnes, but she did not require the kids to bring in their counted rice.

Thank goodness for small mercies.

In other news that makes me worry about the state of education, including my own, a book explaining the issues Israel-Palestine conflict has won a a women’s studies award.  It’s called The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability and is by Jasbir Puar, a professor of gender studies in the US.  I’m not sure it would really help me, though, with extracts such as:

Disciplinary enclosure consorts with micromodulations of bodily becomings to ensure a population laden with affective reactivity. A politically regulated and controlled affective logic projected and interpreted as cultural and civilisational reactivity reinforces Orientalist projections of racial difference.

Perhaps it’s just me that wasn’t taught correctly all along, and these new modern methods to address the shortfall are obviously out of my realm of comprehension.

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