The Coffee With Fun, Footy And Music

Hey, if we were having a coffee this week, it certainly wouldn’t be a maple rooibos tea.  Not least because that’s not coffee, but also because I didn’t particularly like it.

The last few weeks when I’ve been doing these posts, I haven’t had a great deal of exciting things to talk about.  In fact, pretty much every week I’ve been back from Chicago as been fairly uneventful.  This week has been a bit more fun, if not quite so amusing to others.

I’ve done a few more late nights at work this week, so have tried to reclaim some hours in the morning which included a hair cut to the shortest it’s been since probably second year university.  The next day I had a proper shave and worried myself because, had it not been for a more weathered face, I look like I should be back at university.  I don’t know whether I look younger to other people, but it’s very much reminding me of me 15 years ago.

On Wednesday I went to watch Liverpool v Paris Saint-Germain in the first Champions League match of the season, which Liverpool ended up winning 3-2 with a last minute winner, after being pegged back from 2-0 up.  The PSG fans were excellent throughout, although they did have a drummer who was busy for the whole 90 minutes.  When the winning goal I went in I may or may not have shouted where he could put his drum.  It wasn’t polite.  I was stood next to my mother when I did it.

During Liverpool’s run to the final, there were parts of watching the matches that I didn’t enjoy because of nerves, but they were usually the games on the TV rather than the ones I was at.  For some reason, for this match, I was really disinclined to be there.  I’m not sure if it was nerves, but I was just uninterested, right up until that winning goal.  That’s unusual for me, because I love going to the football, even on freezing cold days in the snow and rain.

I’d had a dream that was playing on my mind early in the week, which I actually can’t remember now.  I just remember who was in it.  This week I’ve also seen things that my brain has somehow convinced me have hidden meanings that probably aren’t there, they’re just really coincidental.  I also had another dream that I was with someone I follow on Instagram and it turns out she lives next door to my bother, but the apartment was more of a hotel room in one of those hotels that are in old buildings.  There was loads of classic stuff in there.

I have no idea what I was dreaming of last night.  I woke up at one point nearly falling head first out the foot of the bed until I felt a paw on my arm.  At least I woke up Moo and he had obviously realised that I wasn’t supposed to be doing what I was doing.

Yesterday was fun.  I went out with friends in the morning and did lots of walking, then had to jump in the car and go to another football match, as Liverpool beat Southampton 3-0.

I had to squeeze back in to the car cause the one next to me had parked really close and, as I did, I got a cramp in the side of my hip somehow!  I drove from Liverpool to Manchester and I knew there were roadworks getting in to the city, so I thought I’d put the satnav on and could show me the quickest route.  I’m pretty sure it put me in every single queue there was for me to be in.

I still got to the theatre to see most of the support act.  I went to go see Biffy Clyro play an acoustic show as part of their MTV Unplugged tour.

I enjoy listening to acoustic stuff, but I get annoyed when artists just slow down a fully electric song and sing it with just one instrument.  That’s not to say that it doesn’t work sometimes, but it doesn’t need to be that all the time.  That was the interesting thing with Biffy last night, was that they actually played rock songs on acoustic guitars with drums and a piano and, every now and again, a cello.

Why I love acoustic is that it can redress a balance between sound and lyrics, and there were different ways I was hearing the songs last night.  The technicality was still there in the playing but there were different sounds and the I heard different stories in the songs.  I loved it.

What else amused me was that, occasionally, people would get up from their seats to dance or whatever, and were asked to sit down by theatre staff.  Then Biffy played Bubbles and everyone got up and walked down to the front to make it a normal gig.  Even the previously fussy staff joined in.  I thought that was great.

I got out of the Opera House and walked to my brother’s place in time to watch the boxing.  I’ve said before that I think it’s a bizarre sport but that I enjoy watching it.  Fortunately for me, Anthony Joshua won before all 12 rounds were required.

I walked back to the car and was still suffering with cramp despite my attempts at vigorous rehydration!  My back was starting to hurt and, as I was sitting in my car seat I felt like I wasn’t sitting straight.  I got home and stretched – a lot!  I’ve carried that on today too, because my back is still feeling fragile.  I’m sure it will be fine when I get properly stretched out again.  I guess I was on my feet a bit too long.

Today I baked a cake.  We’re doing a charity coffee morning at work on Friday I think, so I wanted to practice.

I produced a cake which has a decent texture but doesn’t really taste of much, so I might need to give it another bash.  I put some ingredients in in the wrong order but I’m not sure how much difference that makes.  I also had a bit of an issue because I clean my oven so well I have no idea where 190 celsius is…

And finally, I caught a shiny Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium.

And one of these stupid Ditto things.

Hope you’ve had a great week.

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