The Coffee With Illness, Soreness and Fireworks

Hey, if we were having a coffee this week, I’m back on one of my favourite ones – Columbia Suarez.

This is the week I’ve been sick, had some “arguments”, somehow hurt myself and suffered the ignominy of tripping over a road marking.  In fairness with the latter, I think it may have had a few layers painted on it because, if I could kick the side of an arrow painted on a road, it must have been pretty high and/or I was desperately unlucky.  I should add that I didn’t fall over either, just went on a bit of a trip, and got a bit embarrassed.

I woke up on Monday feeling like crap.  I went in to work but didn’t really feel like doing much, least of all eating.  As lunchtime arrived, I wondered whether a light lunch might settle things.  I wandered downstairs to the canteen to find that Karen had sat in my seat.  For crying out loud, Karen.  She knows I always sit in the seat on the left corner facing the vending machines so I can see everyone coming and going.

Even by Monday night I was still in a bit of pain.  I wondered if it was something I’d eaten the day before but the only thing out the ordinary was the carrot cake I attempted to make the day before.  That was allergen free-ish.  It was made with gluten free flour, so other than that it was only eggs, sugar, spices, apple and carrot.  Shouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary that I can’t handle.  However…

On Thursday night, in preparation for our MacMillan Coffee Morning, I baked another carrot cake.  The trial one had no flavour so I thought I’d make the fruit and veg a bit chunkier, but I think this made it hold too much liquid and it took forever to cook and was still wet on one side. despite getting close to burning on the top.  I got in a bit of a mood but then decided that all I needed to do to bake another was another carrot and apple.  At 10pm I went to the supermarket to get those bits and decided that I’d get another cake tin too, just to have my own rather than my borrowed one.

Unfortunately for me, although 23cm is “around” the required 20cm diameter, it does make a rather larger surface area, and I ended up baking a carrot flan base rather than a cake.  Not to be put off entirely, I have bought a 20cm cake tin too and will try one more time.

My mother had tried to help, but given that she answer me seriously after this conversation I’m not sure who out sarcasmed who.

In hindsight I should maybe have gone for the easy option.  I went to staff sales at work with Mel who saw a jar of salted caramel and thought that it would be perfect for her flapjacks.  A discussion ensued about whether she should be making said salted caramel herself.  I wouldn’t say I’d made salted caramel flapjacks if I bought the flapjacks and the caramel so why should it count as homemade if you’re only homemaking one of the parts?

Going back to that “however” though, I felt the same sort of rubbish on Friday that I felt on Monday, so I think it must be something in the recipe that I don’t get on with.  To make matters worse, I went to have my flu vaccination on Thursday morning and by that evening I had a blocked nose and a sore throat.  On Friday I felt marvellous! I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

The other thing on Friday was an odd, sharp pain that I got in my elbow every time I touched something with it.  It didn’t have to be a hard touch.  It could, for example, just be resting my arm on my desk to type and I got this really sharp pain right on the point of my elbow.

Still, I was due to be going to watch fireworks on Friday evening and, despite not feeling like it, I did still go.  Being in a stuffy office and then indoors at home was just making me sleepy and making me feel even more congested, so I thought that being outside might be better, and I did feel fine for most of the night despite not having any interest in staying out afterwards.

I love fireworks.  This was the British Musical Fireworks Championship which is help every year in Southport, for some reason.  The first display we saw wasn’t competitive but was very good.  Some of the timing with music such as that from The Greatest Showman was excellent.  The second company was Phenomenal Fireworks.  At least twice during their display it felt like something went wrong, but the fireworks did pick up perfect time with the music afterwards and, while I’m no expert, I thought that they interpretation of the theme was excellent.  And… they did the same theme all the way through – Rocky! It was pretty impressive.

Yesterday I ended up not doing much.  I went out for breakfast first thing, and when I got back home I settled in with three screens to watch golf, F1 and football for most of the afternoon in to early evening.  At one point, Moo (my cat) looked at me as if to say, “So, this afternoon, then? Not really happening, is it?”  I think the only time I moved was to go get the pizza that was being delivered, and it was even touch-and-go whether that happened!

So I’m sorry that this was my only post this week.  I did mean to do more, but I genuinely forgot on Monday because I felt so bad and then on Friday I also didn’t really feel like it.  I’ll make sure to do something tomorrow and try to get back on track.

What else did I do this week? I went to the football on Wednesday.  Liverpool lost to Chelsea in the Carabao Cup.

I didn’t get any new Pokémon this week, but I did become Best Friends in game with 5 people.  A bit of a complaint from a game play perspective – that got me over 1 million XP.  That’s ridiculous.

A few weeks ago you may remember be saying that I had a dream about being invited to a house warming party of someone that I used to know.  I’ve been having a few more recurring dreams about that house and the people in it which is a little weird.

Anyway, I heard this song at the end of a TV program this week.  I’ve obviously heard it before, but this version made the lyrics mean more I think.  Enjoy.  Hope you’ve had a great week.

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