In The News : Important Fancy Dress

It looks like it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attend a fancy dress party with students nowadays.

The University of Kent’s student union have banned cowboys from such parties because of their reputation for driving Native Americans from their homelands, even though that was more likely the army and settlers from abroad.  There wasn’t even a sniff of cultural appropriation mentioned.

Cowboys join the list alongside “Crusades, Nazi uniform, priests and nuns, Native Americans, IS bomber, Israeli soldier and the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)”.  Interestingly, the Times reports that serial rapist Harvey Weinstein and dead paedophile Jimmy Saville are in the same bracket as sombreros for being “frowned upon”.

However, it’s not the modern snowflake phenomenon that intrigued me about the story.

In a statement, Matt Goodwin from Kent Union said the fancy dress policy was “a draft proposal”, adding: “We will be consulting with our executive groups to gain further feedback.”

Consulting with our executive groups to gain further feedback“?  Really, Matt? Really?

Do people even say things like that in the real world? Does an “executive group” really exist to consult on fancy dress, let alone more than one group?

Maybe I’ve worked too long in an office that hears the terms “reach out” and “blue sky thinking” and automatically thinks “arsehole”, but this story highlights something more important than the Snowflake, because it highlights the person who sounds like the simply want to sound important.

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  1. Judy Dykstra-Brown

    With all the world’s problems, this is what they choose to have a consultation over?

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