The Coffee With The Fireplace Compromise

Hey, if we were having a coffee this week we’d still be suffering from The Great Pumpkin Spice Shortage 2018.

This week I’ve been trying to make some advancements in the living room refurbishment I’ve been trying to get to for however long it’s been since I bought my sofas.  I’m getting fed up of having to walk round the boxes!

I really wanted an inset electric fire place.  Well, I’d quite like a regular fire place but I know that I won’t fancy the faff if I do and I’ll never use it.  I was having a nightmare trying to find a builder who fancied putting a hole in the wall, build up the stud work and re-plaster.  I had plenty of offers from friends who thought they might fancy it though!

I’ve decided to scale it back and just get a traditional electric fire.  I’ve found one that I like.  It’ll save me over £350 on the unit and installation should be a DIY job.  Or at least a DIWYD (do it with your Dad) job.  That means I can do more fun stuff like going back to work out the colours I want and designing and finding curtains and stuff, as well as the geeky tech stuff I can put in.

As for actually doing it, I found out that have two weeks to take off work before the end of the year, which was at least twice as much as I thought it was.  I’m going to try to take them off together, not least because I quite fancy two straight weeks off and it’ll mean I can have some fun as well as decorating.  I do, however, apparently have a potential two more weeks in Chicago to negotiate.

I don’t particularly want to go, but I also don’t think that I’d be much use for what’s being asked of me.  Flights, what would be 11 days accommodation and food and taxis and all the stuff like that really mounts up and I’m not sure my being there is worth the money.

I’ve actually been a little bored at work this week.  I usually have something to do but I’m one of these people who can’t do it until there’s pressure on it, but this week seems to have had very little that actually needs doing so I seemed to spend a lot of time waiting for meetings.

Moo seems to have had an interesting week being silly…

…and getting new toys.

Moo and I were playing one night.  He hid behind a sofa box and hit me as I walked past.  I stopped and he shot out, ran around the box and, as I just started moving my foot, he attempted to jump on to the window ledge but launched from my non-grounded foot rather than the floor and jumped in to the radiator.  He’s fine.  A little embarrassed.  I laughed.

I got a fortune cookie that didn’t contain a fortune, and it annoyed me.

Some Get 4 Pokémon were released this week, so I’ve been catching them.  I also got the shiny Beldum family today.

And I think that’s about it.  Hope you had a good week.

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