In The News : Supply, Demand, Weed And Luck

Last week, Canada became only the second country in the world to legalise recreational cannabis, after Uruguay.

The move came after a pledge from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to keep marijuana away from underage users and curb marijuana-related crime.

I can’t help but think that this is a rather rubbish reason.  There’s a lot of things that the law can’t control.  In the UK, for example, knife crime in London is a constant.  However, we don’t let everyone walk around with knives because that tends to mean that people get stabbed.  It would work out a bit like America, where a kid is shot at for having the temerity to knock on a door to ask for directions to his school while being black.

Walking through town the other day, I was bombarded with the smell of weed on so many occasions that I wondered whether I was the only person not smoking it.  Surely the best way, then, to stop people using it and carrying it would be to actually stiffen the punishment for doing so.

If people want to be able to smoke it as part of their own free decision, that’s fine too.  But don’t hide behind the excuse of control to defend failures in the past.  It had been an offence for a reason, and those reasons still remain.

One could even say that it is now even easier for those who shouldn’t to get hold of the drug.  That, except for the fact that Canada has sold out of weed.  Supply can no longer keep up with demand.  It appears that the Prime Minister may have controlled the drug through the back door, by making so many want it that none can actually have it.

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